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Why is My Chihuahua Snorting while Breathing? Possible Reasons & Solutions


Dear VetBabble, What’s Behind My Chihuahua’s Snorting Breaths?

Is it normal for my Chihuahua who’s about a year and a half old to snort occasionally while breathing? I’ve scarcely noticed this before, but lately, she’s been doing it throughout the night. Could this be known as a “reverse sneeze”? I’ve tried to compare her symptoms with videos on the internet, but if it doesn’t match up and seems to be getting worse, should I make an appointment with my vet?

Understanding Your Dog’s Breathing

Your questions and concerns are completely understandable! Many pet owners feel uncertain when they notice abnormalities in their pets, especially when it involves their breathing. Your Chihuahua’s occasional snorting and the disruption it causes to her sleep need to be looked into. It’s critical to attend to these issues promptly to ensure your furry friend’s health. Although it can be hard to pinpoint the issue based solely on your description, I’d like to provide some generalized information for all pet owners who might be undergoing similar concerns.

Could It Be A Cold Or A Respiratory Issue?

The first thing that comes to mind when your pet exhibits such symptoms could be if she has a cold. Yes, dogs can catch a cold too, just like us! Our article here goes into detail about how you can determine if your dog is cold. However, if her symptoms don’t align with those listed in the article, we might need to delve deeper.

Another possible explanation for your Chihuahua’s snorts could be a respiratory issue. It’s no surprise that dogs, especially small breeds like Chihuahuas, are prone to breathing difficulties due to their small tracheas. I recommend our article on Chihuahuas for an in-depth understanding of your little pooch’s unique health needs.

If the snorting is persistent and is worsening as you mentioned, it may be due to a condition often referred to as a “reverse sneeze”. This condition indeed sounds like a series of snorts or sneezes and is common in small dog breeds. But remember, diagnosis over the internet is challenging and shouldn’t replace a physical examination by a vet.

What Should You Do?

What you should do next is a question that’s in the back of many pet owners’ minds. If your pet’s snorting continues to worsen, it’s most advisable to schedule an appointment with your vet. Sharing a video of your pet’s snoring can also help your vet assess better, given it’s hard to recreate the specific scenarios during the clinic visit.

Meanwhile, you can educate yourself about various illnesses causing chest discomfort and coughing in dogs, as the two are often linked. As a start, take a look at our article on the various Types of Coughs in Dogs, their diagnoses, and treatments.

Although you might feel uneasy about your beloved Chihuahua’s condition, it’s beneficial that you’re aware and proactive about her health. Remember, nobody knows your pet as you do. Hence, your observations play a crucial role in helping your vet figure out what the problem might be, and the sooner they do, the sooner your four-legged family member can get back to her merry self!

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