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What Should I Do When My Cat Suddenly Stops Eating and Drinking?


Dear VetBabble: What Should I Do if My Cat Stops Eating and Drinking?

Many pet owners, both new and experienced, may find themselves asking the question: “My cat has been unwell for a couple of days, refusing to eat or drink. I’ve tried chicken broth and water but it seems to be of no use. Unfortunately, my cat’s shots are out of date and I’m short on funds until the start of the month. What can I do at this point? Is there hope?”.

The question underlying this concern is actually a widespread issue shared by many pet owners: What can you do when your cat refuses to eat or drink and you can’t take them to the vet immediately? In addressing this question, I have divided the response into three major sections: immediate solutions for poor eating habits, understanding potential health issues, and the importance of regular vet check-ups.

1. Immediate Solutions for Poor Eating Habits

When your furry friend isn’t showing interest in food or water, it’s a real cause for worry. There are immediate steps you can take at home to encourage them to eat and drink. In this case, the use of chicken broth has been mentioned, but there are other options as well. Our article My Cat Won’t Eat! What Should I Do? provides many helpful suggestions.

The use of broth is indeed one solution, as it’s often more appealing to the feline’s sense of smell. You could also try warming the broth a little to make it more appealing. Remember, though, to ensure the broth isn’t full of salt or other additives that may be harmful to your cat.

2. Understanding Potential Health Issues

If your cat’s refusal to eat or drink continues, it could be a sign of a more serious health issue. One such underlying illness could be kidney disease, which is unfortunately common in older cats. While kidney disease cannot be cured, early detection can result in effective management of symptoms that will significantly increase the quality of your pet’s life. Read more about this topic on our article Kidney Disease in Cats. Be aware that other health issues may also be involved, so it’s crucial to consult a vet when any changes occur in your cat’s eating or drinking habits.

Dehydration could be central to a slew of health issues in cats. If your cat fails to drink enough water, it is at risk of becoming dehydrated, particularly during warmer months. Knowing whether your pet is drinking adequate water is crucial. Discover more about it in our article Does Your Cat Need to Drink More Water?.

3. The Importance of Regular Vet Check-ups

Finally, regular vet check-ups play a crucial role in keeping your pet’s health intact. These check-ups are key in catching any potential complications in the early stages and in administering the necessary vaccines. Yes, finances can sometimes be an issue, but there are many vets offering payment plans that could help.
Our article on Regular Vet Checks for Your Cat sheds light on this topic.

In conclusion, there is always hope when it comes to our feline friends. Keep trying different food options, explore the possibility of underlying health issues, and stress the importance of regular vet visits. Remember, it’s essential to consult with a vet whenever you can. Stay informed, and stay kind, dear pet owners!

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