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What Should I Do About My Dog’s Lip Growth: Advice from a Vet?


Dear VetBabble: What Should I Do About My Dog’s Lip Growth?

My dog has a concerning area on her lip, but she’s acting fine. As a loving pet owner, I am worried about her well-being. What could be the cause, and how should I proceed?

Understanding Your Dog’s Lip Growth

First and foremost, it’s important to note that there are various possibilities when it comes to growths or abnormal areas on a dog’s lip. It’s excellent that your dog is still acting fine, but it’s crucial to investigate further to ensure her continued health.

Young dogs, for example, often develop growths called histiocytomas, which are usually benign and will eventually disappear on their own. Alternatively, more severe growths, such as malignant mast cell tumors, could also occur, although they are less likely in younger dogs. It’s crucial to test any lump or bump, as it’s impossible to be certain without professional examination. You can learn more about lumps and bumps and when to worry here.

Besides growths, other common skin conditions might cause the issue on your dog’s lip. Skin infections or even acne can occur around a dog’s chin area and might be the reason behind her lip issue. You can read more about the most common skin conditions in dogs here.

Seeing a Veterinarian

Since there are numerous possible explanations for your dog’s lip growth, the best course of action is to consult with her veterinarian. By making an appointment, you will ensure your pet undergoes a thorough examination to accurately determine the cause.

Your veterinarian may require running tests, which could involve biopsies, cytology, or even simple visual examinations, depending on the appearance of the lip area. If the growth is benign or not a serious concern, the veterinarian might recommend monitoring its progress or providing medication to help manage the condition.

However, more severe cases, such as a cancerous growth, may warrant further action. In those circumstances, early detection is vital for improving the prognosis and treatment options. For more information about cancer in dogs, you can read this informative article.

Preventing Future Concerns

After addressing your dog’s current lip growth, it’s essential to keep an eye on her overall health and well-being to prevent future concerns or detect issues early. Regular grooming and maintaining your dog’s hygiene can help prevent skin issues, infections, and even mange. To learn more about recognizing and dealing with mange in dogs, check out this helpful guide.

Remember that dogs, just like humans, can develop medical issues or conditions throughout their lives. As a responsible pet owner, providing continuous care, attention, and monitoring your dog’s health will ensure a happy, healthy life together. When in doubt or concerned about your pet’s well-being, always consult your veterinarian for professional advice and guidance.

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