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What Should I Do if My Dog Still Itches Severely Even After a Steroid Shot?


Dear VetBabble: Identifying & Managing Persistent Itchiness in Dogs

Question: What steps should I take when my dog, even after a steroid shot, is still experiencing severe itchiness that keeps her awake and evidently agitated?


Introduction: Your concern is completely justified. Dog owners like yourself, who are dealing with a persistently itchy pup, might find peace of mind in knowing that there’s a range of potential directions to navigate through this issue. The first step, always, is communicating with your vet. They know your pet’s history and can provide guidance based on that.

Why Does My Dog Continue to Itch Even After a Steroid Shot?

Steroids, which commonly are used to deal with dog allergies, usually bring relief from itchiness. However, when your dog continues to scratch even after the treatment, it may indicate an underlying issue that hasn’t been addressed yet, or it might be that the initial problem was more complex than initially thought. Familiarizing yourself with the causes and solutions to dog allergies will provide you with a broader understanding. To get started, you may want to read through the article titled Dog Allergies on our website.

Could My Dog Be Suffering from an Allergic Reaction?

It’s quite possible that persistent itching could be an indication of an allergic reaction. Just like humans, dogs can develop allergies, too. If it seems like the steroid shot isn’t doing the trick, it’s worth bringing up this possibility with your vet, who may suggest antihistamines, elimination diets, or further testing. Meanwhile, take a moment to educate yourself about this condition, by browsing the article Is my Dog Having an Allergic Reaction?.

Has My Dog Ingested Something Irritating?

Another factor to consider when dealing with consistent itchiness is whether your dog might have eaten something she shouldn’t have. Ingesting a foreign object could initiate allergic reactions or other discomforts that lead to itching. Strive to keep potential harmful objects out of your dog’s reach and keep an eye on their behavior. The article My dog ate something it shouldn’t have! What should I do? can provide some insights into dealing with such situations.

Final Thoughts: Every Itch Has A Scratch

So, going back to the original concern, yes, it’s crucial to contact your vet if your dog continues to scratch after receiving a steroid shot. Your vet can guide you through the next steps and explore other treatment alternatives. In parallel, you can find more Simple Tips for Itchy Dogs in another helpful article on our website. So, rest assured that there are a variety of available solutions for your furry friend’s annoyance. We hope these resources bring comfort not just for your pet but for you as well. Remember, as pet owners, learning and patience are our best allies. Best of luck, and keep ensuring your pet stays healthy and happy!

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