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Creative Ways to Include your Dog this Christmas


Christmas Food for Dogs

We always think of food first at this time of year! But although it can be tempting to feed your pet some tasty leftovers, many of the foods that are around at Christmas are really rich and fatty, and can make your furry family member pretty sick. Be careful with leaving food lying around… dogs love to steal the unwrapped Camembert from the kitchen bench, that box of chocolates from underneath the tree or the chicken carcass from the bin!

Want to give your dog something special but healthy on Christmas Day while you’re all at the dinner table? How about a Kong filled with steamed sweet potato and turkey… Not only is it a yummy Christmas-themed treat, but the sweet potato helps everything stick to the inside of the Kong, so it last longer. For determined chewers, consider freezing your stuffed Kong.

Doing Christmas crackers this year and want to involve your pooch? Consider getting some doggy Christmas treats that are made from edible rawhide and natural vegetable coloring. So cute!

Santa Photos with your Dog

There are lots of places where you can get a special photo of your dog with Santa. The results are often hilarious, and make for unique Christmas cards!

Just remember that the jolly man can be pretty scary for some pets, so if you think your pets are not the type to enjoy the attention of a bearded stranger, perhaps use Photoshop to whip up those photos instead.

Doggy Christmas Stockings

Don’t want your furry family member to feel like they’re missing out at present time? Why not put together a special Christmas stocking for your pet this year… Decorate it with paw prints and their name, and fill it with some special pet-friendly treats and toys.

Greeting Cards with your Dog

If you’re someone who sends out Christmas cards to your friends and family every year, consider sending one to your pooch! Just like the edible Christmas treats, these adorable greeting cards are a tasty treat and include a cardboard envelope should you want to send by post.

Daytrips and Holidays with Dogs

There are many pet friendly places and many outings your pet can join you on. Remember to never leave them in the car and remember to check if the national park you’re planning to visit is pet friendly.

Foster a Homeless Dog

Christmas is that time of year when we often reflect on how lucky we are to have a roof over our head and family and friends that we can spend time with. If you feel you have some extra time and space in your heart, consider fostering a dog over the holiday period. Unfortunately our pounds and rescue groups are inundated at this time of year, with people surrendering their pets before they go on holiday. Fostering can be a great way to temporarily give a dog a home and can provide a playmate for your dog or cat during the silly season when you may not be home much.


Enjoy the festive season, we hope you and your furry family enjoy spending more time together during the holidays!

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