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Why is My Shih Tzu Always Attracted to the Same Spot on the Grass?


Dear VetBabble, What Possibly Attracts My Shih Tzu to a Specific Spot on the Grass?

Many pet owners at some point have likely observed something rather peculiar about their furry friends. Have you happened to notice that your dog has a particular spot on the lawn where they seem to consistently roll around in? Perhaps your inquisitive mind has been filled with questions like: Could there be a chemical applied to that area attracting my Shih Tzu? Is the scent of another animal’s urine reverberating their interest? Or could it be a specific plant, nestled amongst the grass that has caught their fancy? Could it just be their idiosyncrasy or a behavioural quirk, yielding no concrete explanation? Let’s decipher this canine behaviour together.

Canine Curiosity: The Love for Grass

Dogs have an innate love for the grass. They roll in it, play on it, and yes, sometimes even eat it. You may have wondered, “Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?“. For various reasons, grass seems to hold an intrinsic appeal for dogs, largely linked to canine instincts. From an evolutionary perspective, canines rolled in grass to mask their scent, to aid in hunting. Modern dogs have carried this instinctual behaviour despite the absence of survival necessity.

Chemicals, Scent-Marking and Peculiar Plants

While it’s not unusual for dogs to have a favourite outdoor spot, there can be multiple stimuli attracting your Shih Tzu to that particular grassy locale. Dogs have an extraordinary sense of smell, about 10,000 to 100,000 times as acute as ours. They can detect an array of fragrances that go unnoticed to human noses. This means your Shih Tzu could be attracted to the spot because of the presence of another animal’s scent or urine, which encourages your pooch to scent-mark that territory.

Alternatively, your Shih Tzu could be responding to a certain type of plant in the grass, perhaps even to a critter that’s burrowed beneath it. Certain chemicals used in lawn maintenance could also captivate your dog’s attention. However, caution is needed here as some lawn-care products can be harmful to pets.

Behavioural Quirks and Health Concerns

If it isn’t related to scents, plants, or chemicals, the answer may simply lie in your dog’s charming quirks. Just as humans have unique habits, dogs do too. If, in every other respect, your Shih Tzu is healthy and happy, it might be their unique, cute, and admittedly puzzling way of interacting with the world!

But what if there’s a change in your dog’s urinary behavior? Maybe they’re peeing in places they didn’t, like the bed? While this is typically a behavioral issue, sometimes it could signal a health problem, as explained in this article: Why Is My Dog Peeing on the Bed?

In sum, canines being attracted to specific spots on your lawn can be due to various reasons, ranging from outside influences like scents or particular plants to personal behaviors. It’s important to observe your pets closely and consult with a veterinarian if you notice a change that worries you.

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