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Why is My Poodle Sneezing So Much and What Can It Mean?


Dear VetBabble: A Sneezing Poodle And What It Might Mean


I’ve noticed that my petite, little Poodle has been sneezing quite a bit, so often that it worries me. She constantly rubs her tiny nose and seems to have congested breathing; it’s almost as if she sniffed up a foxtail. I’m at a loss about what to do, and I want to understand what could be happening. Could you help guide me in the right direction?


Your concerns are completely understandable. Pets are part of our families, and when they show signs of discomfort or pain, it can be distressing. Your Poodle might indeed have inhaled a foxtail, or she may be suffering from another condition. Below, I will break down some common causes and what you can do to help your fur baby.

1. Foxtails and Other Nasal Intruders

Foxtails, tiny barbed seeds of grass or plants, can become lodged into your dog’s body in various places, including the nostrils. Your observant note about the possibility of a foxtail is a good starting point.

If your Poodle has a foxtail lodged in her nose, she may need to be sedated or anesthetized to safely remove it. It’s critical to take her to see a veterinarian who can perform a thorough examination and, if necessary, a safe removal procedure.

2. Infections and Allergies

However, it might not be a physical obstruction causing her discomfort. Another possibility is an upper respiratory infection, which can cause similar symptoms. You might be familiar with how we humans get colds, but did you know that dogs can get colds too? For more information on this, check out this informative VetBabble article.

Alternatively, your Poodle could be experiencing allergies. Dogs can have allergies, just like we can! What we often deem as ‘normal sneezing’ can be a sign of allergies in dogs. Fleas are a common cause of allergies in dogs. If you have doubts about whether your dog might have fleas, this Veterbabble article should be of great help.

3. Persistent Coughing and Other Symptoms

Persistent coughing or heavy breathing can also be indicative of a more concerning health issue. Conditions like heart disease or lung disease might cause these symptoms and should definitely be considered if your pet continues to show signs of discomfort or difficulty breathing.

Beyond sneezing, pay attention to other symptoms such as coughing, wheezing, or noticeable behavioural changes. Trust your intuition. You know your pet best. For a more comprehensive understanding on ‘Coughing in Dogs: Types, Diagnoses and Treatment,’ I recommend this VetBabble piece.

In any case, whenever your pet is showing signs that make you feel uneasy, it’s recommended to get them checked over by a vet. Don’t be hesitant to visit one. After all, we’re here to keep our pets healthy and happy.

Remember, pets may not always show noticeable signs of distress until their condition has advanced. Regular check-ups and keen observations on your part can make a significant difference. I hope this provides you some guidance, and your Poodle finds relief soon!

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