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Why Could It Seem Like My Dog is Missing a Testicle?


Dear VetBabble: Why Might My Dog Appear to be Missing a Testicle?

Hey there fabulous pet parents, today we’ve got an interesting question from a concerned dog owner: Question: “I noticed today that my dog seems to be missing a testicle. He previously had two, any ideas? I’m assuming you don’t mean missing due to trauma? How old is your dog? It may be that the inguinal ligament isn’t as strong as it is in fully mature dogs which can cause the testicles to pop up inside the dog again.” Now, keep in mind that I’m about to delve into some anatomical details, but I promise to keep it as simple and understandable as possible. Let’s break it down into three main sections; Understanding your pet’s anatomy, Identifying potential issues, and crucial steps to take if you notice something unusual about your furry friend’s reproductive parts.

Understanding Your Pet’s Anatomy

Let’s start off with an important disclaimer: irregularities in your pet’s anatomy, while concerning, are not always indicative of dire issues. Pups, like people, can have unique physiological quirks. This brings us to our first topic: the canine inguinal ligament. This ligament is a crucial part of your pet’s body, playing a role in the positioning of the testicles in males. Often times, in younger or smaller dogs, the inguinal ligament may not be fully developed, allowing a testicle to ”pop up”, essentially retracting back into the body. This is especially common in younger dogs, whose bodies are still growing and changing.

Identifying Potential Issues

Now, on to a more serious note. If your pet seems to be in discomfort or the missing testicle is a new development, it’s important to seek veterinary assistance as soon as possible, as this could signify an underlying health concern. Conditions such as cryptorchidism (undescended testicles) or a hernia may cause a dog’s testicles to retract. It is critical to mention that unexplained limping, sudden behavioral changes, or indications of pain might be signs of serious conditions like a Cranial Cruciate Ligament Rupture. If you notice your dog limping, don’t dismiss it. It’s important to know when to worry and what to do in such cases.

Steps to Take

If you’ve identified that your dog seems to be missing a testicle, the first step is not to panic. Monitor your pup for any signs of discomfort or other physical or behavioral changes. Should you notice anything alarming, make sure to consult with a veterinarian as soon as possible. Don’t hesitate to voice your concerns about your pet’s anal glands; yes, they are a bit of an awkward topic, but they are critical to your dog’s health. You can find more information about what anal glands are and the need to express them on our site. A professional can guide you through the process or, in some cases, take on the task themselves for pain-free anal gland expression. Remember, you are the voice for your pet’s health and wellbeing. Your vigilance and open communication with your vet can make all the difference to your furry companions! Don’t hesitate to pop back in with any other pet healthcare questions – we’re here to help put both pet and pet parent at ease.

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