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What Causes Blood in a Dog’s Urine and How to Address It?


Dear VetBabble: Why is there blood in my dog’s urine and what should I do?

With a query from a concerned pet owner about their 9-year-old Shih Tzu having blood in her urine and vomiting after drinking water, it’s crucial to provide helpful and accurate information. This article aims to address the possible causes of blood in a dog’s urine, what to do in such a situation, and the potential reasons for a dog vomiting after drinking water.

Causes of Blood in Dog’s Urine

Blood in your dog’s urine can be quite alarming, and it’s essential to understand the potential causes behind it. One possibility is cystitis, which is an inflammation of the bladder often caused by an infection. Female dogs are more susceptible to cystitis due to their shorter urethra, allowing bacteria to enter the bladder more easily.

Another common cause of bloody urine in dogs is a urinary tract infection (UTI). These infections usually occur when bacteria colonize the urinary tract, leading to inflammation and irritation. Signs of a UTI include frequent urination, straining to urinate, and blood in the urine.

Besides cystitis and UTIs, there are other potential causes for blood in a dog’s urine, such as bladder stones, kidney infections, or even tumors in the urinary tract. Therefore, it’s necessary to consult a veterinarian for an accurate diagnosis and proper treatment plan.

What to Do When You Discover Blood in Your Dog’s Urine

It’s essential to take your dog to the vet immediately if you notice blood in their urine. Waiting too long to seek medical help could worsen the underlying issue or lead to further complications. Be prepared to provide your veterinarian with information about your dog’s symptoms, medical history, and any recent changes in diet or behavior.

Your veterinarian will likely perform a physical examination and may recommend diagnostic tests such as urine analysis, blood tests, or diagnostic imaging to determine the cause of the bloody urine. Once a diagnosis has been established, your veterinarian will recommend a treatment plan tailored to your dog’s specific needs. This may consist of antibiotics for a bacterial infection, medications to help dissolve bladder stones, or other treatments based on the underlying cause of the issue.

Concerns Regarding Dogs Vomiting After Drinking Water

The mentioned Shih Tzu is also experiencing vomiting after drinking water, which could indicate an unrelated issue or another symptom related to the bloody urine, depending on the cause. It’s essential to differentiate between the two possibilities, and a veterinarian’s assessment is necessary to do so.

Vomiting after drinking water could be caused by a variety of factors ranging from gastrointestinal issues to kidney or liver disease. To understand the reason behind a dog’s excessive water intake or why they are vomiting after drinking water, a thorough examination and discussion with a veterinarian is necessary.

As a pet owner, it’s your responsibility to monitor your dog’s health and well-being. When you notice something unusual, such as blood in their urine or frequent vomiting, it’s crucial to act promptly and seek veterinary care. Timely intervention can significantly improve the chances of providing proper treatment and preventing further complications.

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