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How Can I Stop My Puppy from Eating Poop and Biting?


Dear VetBabble, My Puppy Eats His Poop and Bites – How Can I Prevent This?

As a responsible pet owner, it’s natural to worry when your three-month-old puppy displays some concerning behaviors, such as eating their own poop and biting. In this article, we’ll discuss some possible reasons for these behaviors and offer some friendly, informative advice to help you address these issues.

Why is Your Puppy Eating Poop?

The first question we need to address is why your puppy is eating his own poop. There are a few possible reasons, but the most common one has to do with their diet. Your puppy might be lacking something in his diet that is causing him to eat his own feces. To ensure your pup is getting the proper nutrition they need, consider switching to a higher quality kibble and feeding them three meals per day instead of two. For a gradual switch, mix a bit of the new kibble with the old one over several days until it is mostly the new food. Aside from a proper diet, it’s essential to clean up their poop immediately after they do it. This will help prevent them from having the opportunity to eat it. For more information on why your dog may be eating their own poop, check out VetBabble’s article on why dogs eat poop.

Dealing with Biting and Nipping

Biting is another problem that many puppy owners face. When your puppy nibbles or nips at you, it’s essential to address this behavior before it becomes a habit. Start by yelping as soon as their teeth touch your skin, stand up, cross your arms, and ignore the puppy until they are no longer focused on you. Once your pup is doing their own thing, calmly reward them with a toy and play with them. Make sure to always have a soft braided rope toy on hand when interacting with your puppy to distract and redirect nipping behavior. To keep the toys interesting, consider creating two toy bags to rotate weekly. This will help maintain your puppy’s interest in their toys and discourage them from nipping and biting. For more tips on dealing with biting behavior, VetBabble offers an informative article on why dogs eat dirt.

Additional Concerns: Dogs Eating Cat Poo and Finding the Best Puppy Treats

It’s not uncommon for dogs to develop a taste for other animals’ feces, such as cat poo. If you’re wondering why your canine companion might be eating cat poo, VetBabble’s article on why dogs eat cat poo offers valuable insights and advice. Finally, providing your puppy with the best treats can help with training and ensure they maintain a healthy, balanced diet. VetBabble’s guide on the best treats for your puppy is an excellent resource for determining which treats are right for your furry friend.

In conclusion, addressing your puppy’s diet, keeping their environment clean, and providing them with ample toy options and appropriate treats can help curb undesirable behaviors such as eating poop and biting. Remember that being consistent and patient in your training efforts will go a long way in ensuring your puppy’s happiness and wellbeing.

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