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Will a Single Dose of Revolution Effectively Eliminate Ear Mites in Cats?


Dear VetBabble: Tailoring the Treatment, Right Dosages and Preventing Parasites in Cats

One of our caring pet owners asked, “Will one dose of Revolution kill ear mites in cats? I have two cats under 15 lbs and one over 15 lbs. Should I purchase the 5-15 lbs pack or opt for a higher one?” It’s a common concern among many pet parents when it comes to medications and the prevention of pests in their beloved cats. Let’s expand on these concerns and offer some informative guidance.

Section 1: Understanding the Treatment for Ear Mites

When battling ear mites in cats, it’s critical to understand the process and the treatment involved. Revolution, a topical medication, is often recommended and typically the first dose will kill the ear mites. However, whether one dose is enough depends largely on the severity of the infection. For more extensive infestations, the treatment must continue over several weeks. The need for continued treatment is backed by experiences of pet owners documented in our article Ear Infections In Cats . That said, it’s always best to consult a veterinarian for a precise treatment plan.

Section 2: Determining the Correct Dosage

When it comes to dosing, the weight of your cat is a fundamental factor. It’s essential to get this right to ensure the treatment is effective whilst not causing any harm. If you have both cats under and over 15 lbs, it is indeed wise to purchase both sizes indicated: 5-15 lbs pack for the lighter cats and the higher dosage for the heavier one. Doing so highlights the well-founded wisdom that appropriate dosage is directly related to the weight of the cat undergoing treatment.

Section 3: Prevention of Fleas and Ticks – A Possible Root Issue

A common issue that may surface when dealing with ear mites is the co-existence of other parasites like fleas. As a pet parent, you might wonder, as many do, “Why does my cat still have fleas even after treatment?” Our article Why Does My Cat Still Have Fleas? sheds light on this persistent problem and how you can broaden your approach to it.

Flea and tick control is essential for your cats’ overall health. Keeping them protected involves not only treating them when they get infested but taking preventive measures to avoid future infestations. For further details, refer to our holistic guide Flea and Tick Control for Cats. Remember, prevention is always better than cure.

In conclusion, while accurate application and dosing of medication like Revolution plays a significant role in managing ear mites, it’s equally crucial to consider comprehensive parasite control. Regular checks for signs of ear infections, fleas, ticks, and maintaining up-to-date preventive measures keeps your feline friends healthy, happy, and free from harmful parasites.

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