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Should Dogs Stay in Boarding Kennels or Join Owners on Vacation Flights?


Dear VetBabble,

Is it better for a dog to stay in a boarding kennel while their owners are on vacation, or should they take their dog with them on the plane? How long is too long for a dog to be without their owner? Are there any potential psychological effects on dogs when their owners take long trips without them?

Travel and Boarding Options for Dogs

As a loving pet owner, it’s natural to worry about your dog’s well-being during your time apart. While there is no specific amount of time that has been documented as harmful for your pet to be without you, it’s a good idea to keep your absence as short as possible. Ideally, limit your time away to 2-3 weeks at most, but keep in mind that dogs are very forgiving and adaptive creatures. They have been known to be apart from their owners for years and still remember and deeply love them when they return.

When it comes to choosing between boarding your dog or taking them with you on a plane, it depends on your situation and your connection with your pet. If you have a close bond with your dog and they can handle air travel well, taking them on the plane might be the best option for maintaining your relationship. For tips on preparing your dog for a vacation, take a look at this article: How do I Prepare My Dog to go on a Vacation?

Boarding Kennels and Their Effects on Dogs

On the other hand, boarding kennels can be an excellent choice for dogs whose owners will be traveling without them. Many dogs adapt well to being boarded, enjoying the socialization and playtime opportunities that come with interacting with other dogs. Plus, it saves them from the possible stress of air travel.

If you’re considering a boarding kennel, it’s essential to do your research and find the right fit for your dog. Look for a kennel with a good reputation, clean facilities, and experienced staff who will provide plenty of exercise, playtime, and human interaction for your dog. For more advice on choosing the right boarding kennel, be sure to read: What to Look For in a Dog Boarding Kennel.

Helping Your Dog Adjust to Your Absence

Regardless of whether you choose a boarding kennel or bring your dog along for the trip, it’s essential to minimize the potential stress of your absence. If you’ll be returning to a different routine, such as going back to work after an extended period at home, take steps to help your dog adjust. Check out Back to Work: How to Prepare Your Dog for Your Return to the Office for guidance on this transition.

In the end, the most crucial factor in your dog’s well-being is the love, care, and attention you provide them on a daily basis. By staying connected with your pet, meeting their physical and emotional needs, and ensuring they have ample playtime, you’ll be setting them up for success regardless of your travel plans.

We hope this helps you feel more confident about your upcoming trip and your pet’s care during your absence. Best wishes to you and Ollie moving forward!

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