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Why is My Senior Dog Suddenly Limping and Excessively Licking Their Paw?


Dear VetBabble: My Senior Canine Companion Has Sudden, Unexplained Limping and Excessive Paw Licking

Your inquiry has gently tugged at our heartstrings, as it depicts a common and distressing scenario for pet owners: Your beloved 7-year-old canine has returned from a brief sojourn outdoors bearing a limp and an unusual propensity for licking her left front wrist.

We understand your predicament and appreciate your keen observation and concern for your furry friend. It could indeed be an insect sting or bite, although the possibility of snake encounters can’t be discounted completely. The essential thing to do at present is to watch her closely, especially in the next few hours, to keep an eye out for any signs of swelling or breathing difficulties. If such symptoms surface, reaching out to your vet promptly would be the appropriate course of action.

We’ll now hone in on your query from three comprehensive angles; why dogs limp, why dogs engage in excessive paw licking, and how to address potential wounds at home.

Section One: Understanding Dog Limping and Potential Causes

Before you put on your detective hat to pinpoint the cause of your dog’s limping, it can be helpful to learn more about potential reasons for this behavior. Is your four-legged buddy just tired, or are their more serious issues lurking underneath? To tackle this issue more comprehensively, you may find our article, “The Scoop on Dog Limping: Causes, Concerns, and Course of Action”, extremely insightful.

Section Two: Canine Paw Licking – A Sign of Comfort or Concern?

While dogs frequently use their tongues to groom themselves, excessive licking, particularly of the paws, can be a symptom of underlying problems. It might be a response to skin issues, pain, or a coping strategy for stress or boredom. For an in depth understanding about why your dog might be giving extra attention to its paws, feel free to peruse our comprehensive guide on “Deciphering the Riddle of Dog Paw Licking”. Additionally, some dogs may be observed licking the air occasionally, which is another behavior you can learn more about in “Understanding Why Dogs Lick the Air: Causes and Remedies”.

Section Three: Treating a Dog’s Wound at Home

If you determine that your dog has sustained a wound that’s causing the issues, you might be able to provide some initial relief with proper home care. Our detailed guide on “Dog Wound Care 101: Treating Canine Injuries at Home” offers step-by-step instructions and important caveats for tending to your dog’s wounds at home before you’re able to reach professional help.

In conclusion, while a sudden limp and unusual licking can be worrying, armed with the right knowledge, you can appraise the situation critically for subsequent intervention, either at home or through professional help. The key is staying calm, observing closely, and taking it one wagging tail at a time.

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