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What Could This Mysterious Growth on My Dog’s Nipple Be?


Dear VetBabble: What is This Growth on My Dog’s Nipple?

My dog was bred a couple weeks ago, and now one of her nipples looks like something is growing out of it. I’ve attached a picture. She doesn’t seem like it’s hurting or bothering her, but we have no idea what it could be. What could this skin growth be, and should we take her to the vet?

Understanding Growth on Your Dog’s Nipple

It can certainly be concerning to discover an unknown growth on your dog’s body, especially if it appears suddenly. Based on your description and the image provided, it does seem like there may be a skin growth rising from the tip of the nipple. While it’s great to hear that it doesn’t seem to be causing her any pain or discomfort, it’s important to take your dog’s overall health into consideration and ensure that she receives the proper care and attention.

There are several possible causes for a growth on your dog’s nipple, ranging from benign skin issues to more serious concerns. Let’s explore a few common causes.

Possible Causes for A Growth on Your Dog’s Nipple

  • Lumps and Bumps: Some growths may be harmless lumps or bumps, such as warts, cysts, or benign tumors. These typically don’t pose a threat to your dog’s health, but it’s always recommended to have them checked by a veterinarian to rule out any potential concerns. Our article on Lumps and Bumps: When to Worry can give you more information on when to consult your vet for these types of growths.
  • Pregnancy: Since your dog was recently bred, it’s possible that changes in her body related to pregnancy are causing the growth. While it’s not a definite sign that she is pregnant, it’s essential to be aware of the various symptoms of pregnancy in dogs. You can learn more in our article on Pregnancy in Dogs.
  • Mange: Mange, a skin condition caused by tiny mites, can sometimes result in skin growths or lesions. Although the growth you described doesn’t necessarily sound like mange, it’s important to rule it out as a possibility. To learn more about mange and its symptoms, visit our article Does My Dog Have Mange?.
  • Damaged or Broken Nail: While less likely, the growth near your dog’s nipple could also be related to a damaged or broken nail on a nearby claw. This can sometimes cause swelling or an unusual skin appearance. Our guide on How to Prevent and Treat a Broken Nail on a Dog can help you identify and address this issue should it be the cause.

Next Steps: Consulting Your Vet

As it’s impossible to accurately diagnose the issue without a thorough examination, the best course of action would be to take your dog to the vet for an evaluation. Depending on the specific cause, your veterinarian may recommend monitoring the growth, prescribing medication, or, in some cases, removing it surgically. The important thing is to ensure your dog receives the proper care she needs to remain healthy and comfortable during this time.

Remember that it’s always better to err on the side of caution and consult a professional when you’re concerned about your pet’s health. A timely visit to the vet can make all the difference in addressing any potential issues and providing optimal care for your beloved companion.

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