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Is My Dog’s Mucus Discharge and Blood a Sign of Impending Labor?


Dear VetBabble,

I have a concern about my dog Daisy who has been pregnant for about 3 months. On Thursday, I noticed a clear mucus discharge coming out of her vagina with a drop of blood. Does this mean she’s about to go into labor? Is it normal to bleed during pregnancy? Should I take her to a veterinarian immediately?

Understanding Dog Pregnancy

First, let’s briefly discuss pregnancy in dogs. The typical gestation length for dogs is around 58-68 days. If Daisy has been pregnant for about three months (roughly 90 days), she has already passed the normal pregnancy duration, which can be concerning.

Bleeding during pregnancy is not normal, and there might be an issue, such as a false pregnancy or complications with the pregnancy itself. In any case, it is crucial for Daisy to be examined by a veterinarian immediately.

Possible Reasons for Bleeding

While you mentioned that Daisy is pregnant, it’s important to consider other potential causes for the bleeding. For instance, blood in a dog’s urine could be a sign of cystitis, a urinary tract infection. Other health issues may also result in bleeding, so it’s best to identify the root problem to ensure proper treatment.

Next Steps and Emergency Care

Given the situation you described, it is highly recommended that you take Daisy to a veterinarian for a physical exam, blood tests, urinalysis, and possibly X-rays. The vet can confirm if she is pregnant, determine how far along she is, and assess whether any complications require immediate attention.

If Daisy is past the 68-day mark in her pregnancy, she may need a C-section to safely deliver her puppies. Find an emergency veterinary clinic in your area or locate a vet on call for emergencies. You can usually find this information on a clinic’s answering machine or website.

Even if the bleeding turns out to be unrelated to her pregnancy, it is essential to ensure that the issue is handled promptly. Also, to help prevent any future health problems, make sure to maintain a consistent routine with your dog. Keep their environment clean, provide proper nutrition and exercise, and follow a regular schedule for walks and bathroom breaks.

In conclusion, your best course of action is to take Daisy to a veterinarian as soon as possible. Always remember to pay attention to any changes in your dog’s behavior or physical appearance, as these can be vital signals that something may need medical attention.

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