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How Can I Make My Nervous Italian Greyhound Comfortable Around People and Dogs?


Dear VetBabble: How Can I Help My Nervous Italian Greyhound Become More Comfortable Around People and Other Dogs?

Five weeks ago, I got a 2-year-old Italian Greyhound. She’s scared of people and especially dogs. It’s hard to walk her because she runs back home without peeing or pooping. I know I need to desensitize her to the things she’s scared of, but I’m not sure how to go about it. Can you offer any advice or suggest a behaviorist to help?

Understanding Your Dog’s Fearful Behavior

It’s important to understand that your Italian Greyhound is likely experiencing fear and anxiety when encountering unfamiliar people and dogs. This fear can stem from a lack of proper socialization during her early life, causing her to perceive these situations as threatening. One way to better understand your dog’s behavior is by learning about Puppy Socialization and its Effect on Behavior. This will provide you with insights into how a dog’s early experiences can influence their behavior as an adult.

Steps to Help Your Dog Overcome Her Fears

Desensitization involves exposing your dog to the triggers of her fear in a controlled and gradual manner, allowing her to become more comfortable with each exposure. Here are some guidelines to help you with the desensitization process:

  1. Create a safe environment: Identify a space where your dog feels secure and comfortable. This is where you can initially expose her to the triggers of her fear, such as seeing another dog from a distance.
  2. Gradual exposure: To reduce fear, increase the distance between your dog and the fear-inducing subject. Slowly decrease the distance as your dog becomes more comfortable, keeping a close eye on her body language to ensure she isn’t becoming overwhelmed.
  3. Stay calm and patient: Your dog can sense your emotions, so maintaining a calm demeanor will help her feel more at ease. Understand that this process can take time, and progress may be slow.
  4. Reward-based training: Use treats, praise, and toys to positively reinforce your dog’s progress. Reward her when she remains calm in the presence of the fear-inducing subject.

For more detailed and personalized advice, it’s highly recommended to consult with a professional dog behaviorist, who can tailor a desensitization plan for your specific situation.

Additional Resources for Nervous Dogs

Here are some other useful articles to help you better understand and manage your dog’s fearful behavior:

  • My Dog is Scared of Loud Noises: What Should I Do Help?: This article provides helpful advice on how to handle dogs with noise-related anxiety, another common issue faced by many pet owners.
  • Socializing Your Puppy: In case you ever get another puppy in the future, this article covers the importance of proper socialization and how it can prevent the development of fear and anxiety in adulthood.
  • First Night Home with a New Puppy. What to Expect: Bringing a new puppy home is always a big adjustment for both you and the pet, and this article will help prepare both you and your puppy for a smooth transition into their new home.

Remember, patience and consistency are key when working with a fearful dog. It may take some time, but with dedication and the right approach, you can help your Italian Greyhound become a more confident, relaxed companion.

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