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Is my pet’s small bump benign and how to handle similar issues as a pet owner?


Dear VetBabble,

I’ve noticed my pet has had a small bump on her inner leg since June, and though it has only grown a little bit since then, I’m still worried. We recently had a needle aspiration done, and the vet couldn’t directly identify the cells. My pet has shown no signs of discomfort, still jumps, runs, and plays without a problem. Is there a good chance this bump is benign, and what should I know as a pet owner about similar issues?

Understanding Bumps and Lumps on Your Pet

Firstly, it’s absolutely understandable to be concerned about any unfamiliar bumps or lumps on your pet. As a pet owner, it’s crucial to monitor any changes in your pet’s physical appearance and behavior. While it’s true that not all lumps and bumps are harmful, there are instances when they can be a cause for concern. To better understand when to worry, check out our article on Lumps and Bumps: When to Worry.

Assessing the Possibility of Cancer

It’s natural to worry about the possibility of cancer when you find a lump on your pet. In your case, you mentioned that the lump has not grown significantly since June, and the aspiration came back with similar cells. These factors may indicate that the lump is benign. Generally, cancerous cells come back in varying shapes and sizes. To better understand the signs and symptoms of cancer in dogs, as well as what to expect, please read our article on Cancer in Dogs: Facts, Symptoms and What to Expect.

Another concern that pet owners may have is bone cancer (osteosarcoma). Although this type of cancer typically affects a dog’s leg bones, it’s important to note that osteosarcomas are typically aggressive and grow quickly. Since your pet’s lump has only grown a little and she’s still active and playful, it’s unlikely to be bone cancer. To learn more about bone cancer in dogs, you can visit our article on Bone Cancer in Dogs (Osteosarcoma).

What to Do Next

Ensuring your pet’s health and wellbeing should always be a priority. It seems like you are already on the right track by having the lump aspirated and monitored. The best course of action would be to consider surgically removing the lump and having it tested to be sure it is benign. This way, you can have peace of mind and protect your pet from any potential health risks.

In some cases, lumps can be caused by infections, such as a cat bite abscess. It’s essential to consult with your veterinarian about any concerns and to follow their recommendations for the best possible outcome for your pet.

Last but not least, remember that as a caring and observant pet owner, you’re doing your best to ensure the wellbeing of your beloved pet. Needles, tests, and surgeries can be intimidating, but ultimately, taking precautionary measures will help you make informed decisions about your pet’s health.

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