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Is Hardened Discharge on a Dog’s Sterilization Wound Normal After 12 Days?


Dear VetBabble,

Is it normal for dogs to have hardened discharge on their sterilization wound after 12 days? Can they be bathed after the stitches are removed?

Thank you for the great question! Pet owners often have concerns about the healing process after their dog undergoes surgery, and it’s always a good idea to discuss any concerns with your veterinarian who knows your dog best. In general, the healing process after a sterilization surgery, such as desexing, may have some similarities. But every dog heals differently.

Post-Surgery Wound Care

It’s essential to properly care for your pet’s wound after surgery to ensure a healthy recovery. In some cases, a hardened discharge on the stitches or the surrounding area may be common during healing. It can be a sign that the body is working to protect the wound and prevent infections by forming a protective barrier. However, abnormal discharge, foul smells, or excessive redness could indicate an infection or another issue. To understand how to thoroughly care for your dog’s wound at home, visit our detailed article: How to Treat your Dog’s Wounds at Home.

Desexing and Healing

Since your question relates to the sterilization of your pet, it’s vital to understand the importance of desexing and the healing process involved. Desexing (or neutering) helps control the dog population, reduces behavioral issues and decreases the risk of specific health problems for your pet. You can learn more about the benefits and process of desexing by reading our comprehensive article on Desexing Your Dog.

It is normal for the wound to be slightly red, swollen, or have some discharge present after surgery. While some cases require antibiotics, it’s ultimately up to your veterinarian to assess the situation and make the final decision on your dog’s care. As each dog heals differently, always consult your veterinarian if you are concerned about your pet’s wound.

Bathing and Other Post-Surgery Concerns

When it comes to bathing your dog after surgery, veterinarians usually advise waiting until the stitches are removed and the wound has sufficiently healed to minimize the risk of infection. However, every dog has a unique healing process, and your veterinarian’s recommendation should be followed according to your pet’s specific situation. After getting the green light from your vet, you can integrate regular baths and grooming back into your pet’s routine.

Other concerns pet owners might face after surgery include ear infections and pregnancy prevention. Dogs with floppy ears are more prone to developing ear infections, especially if they’re bathed improperly or if water remains in the ears. For more information on Ear Infections in Dogs, check out our helpful guide.

If your dog’s sterilization surgery was conducted to prevent pregnancy, it’s crucial to understand the period after the procedure when your pet is still capable of becoming pregnant. To learn more about Pregnancy in Dogs, explore our informative article.

It’s essential always to follow your veterinarian’s advice on proper care after your dog undergoes surgery. They are the most knowledgeable and best equipped to ensure your pet’s health and safety. We hope this information has been helpful and provides a better understanding of the healing process after sterilization surgery.

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