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Is My Female Dog’s Altered Eating, Wet Nose, and Extended Heat Cycle Indicative of Pyometra?


Dear VetBabble: Concerns about Changes in My Female Dog’s Behavior

Question: My previously voracious female pooch has all of a sudden reduced her food intake but drinking more water than usual. She seems to be in her heat cycle longer than expected, her nose is parched and she may have a discharge from her vulva as well. It has been some time since her last season started. Could it be something serious like pyometra? I’m considering taking her to our trusted vet, should I?


Changes in Eating and Drinking Habits

Firstly, let’s address your concern about your dog eating less but drinking more. Changes in appetite and water consumption can indeed signal a variety of issues. Given these symptoms alone, it could be difficult to pinpoint the exact problem without further examination. However, a common cause for increased thirst and decreased appetite in dogs is dehydration or possibly an underlying health condition.

As we delve deeper into the reasons and potential health issues, you may find the article “Why Does My Dog Drink More Water?” helpful. It thoroughly explains the reasons behind increased water consumption in dogs and when to be concerned.

Concerns about Extended Heat Cycles

Next, regarding your worry about extended heat cycles, irregularities or changes in the length of these cycles could indicate several issues. It could be hormonal imbalance or a more serious condition like pyometra, a life-threatening condition that could occur if bacterial infection forms in the uterus following heat.

Pyometra typically involves discharge from the vulva, which you have mentioned as a potential symptom your dog has been experiencing, alongside her prolonged heat cycles. Unusual discharges and extended heat cycles should never be ignored and warrant a prompt visit to the vet.

Our informative article on “Pregnancy in Dogs” includes a section discussing the normal duration of the heat cycle and signs that something could be awry. It may provide you with additional insights.

The Significance of a Dry Nose

Lastly, let’s look at your concern regarding your dog’s dry nose. A dry nose alone is not indicative of illness, as the moisture level of a dog’s nose can fluctuate due to various conditions including temperature, humidity, and activity level. Nevertheless, a persistently dry and cracked nose could suggest underlying health conditions such as dehydration or skin disorders.

Your additional concern of potential eye problems due to dehydration or other reasons is addressed in the article “Common Eye Conditions in Dogs“. It shares informative details about various eye conditions and their relationship with other health issues.

In conclusion, any substantial changes in your dog’s behavior, including eating habits, thirst levels, physical symptoms, or mood, deserves attention. Do ensure that she receives a thorough check-up at your vet’s office to rule out concerning health issues. Remember, it’s better to be proactive about your pet’s health. Happy pet parenting!

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