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Is My Dog Sneezing or Coughing, and Should This Concern Me?


Dear VetBabble: Is My Dog Sneezing or Coughing, And Should I Be Worried?

Firstly, let me thank you for reaching out for professional advice as you’ve noticed a change in your dog’s behavior. Your query isn’t an unusual one – in fact, many pet owners become alarmed when their dog appears to be sneezing or coughing unusually, especially during or after eating and drinking. You’ve noted that this has been taking place following bathing time, sparking concerns about water inhalation. To help you ease your worries, let’s dive a bit deeper into the topic.

Understanding Reverse Sneezing

One immediate answer that comes to mind is “reverse sneezing”. There’s a good chance you may not have heard of it, and the name might sound kind of odd. Essentially, reverse sneezing is a phenomenon in dogs where they make rapid and repeated gasps of air. This link explains it in much more detail. It can be a bit scary to witness, but it’s generally harmless to the dog and will usually pass quickly.

It is a good idea to watch some videos of pups experiencing a reverse sneeze – it should offer some reassurance and an opportunity to compare with what’s happening to your four-legged friend. If the symptoms match, there’s probably no need to worry. However, if it continues and it differs from a reverse sneeze, it’s time to take your pet to the vet.

Food or Water Ingestion Problems

If your dog tends to cough or sneeze more during or after eating and drinking, there could be various explanations. For example, your dog might be eating or drinking too quickly; it’s a common reason for coughing in dogs. You can learn more about it in this informative article.

Furthermore, there could indeed be a chance your pet may have inhaled some water during bath time. Keep in mind that such a situation could potentially lead to illness, such as a cold, if water was accidentally aspirated into the lungs. This is rare but should be addressed if the symptoms continue.

Additional Possible Causes

It’s also important to consider that sneezing and coughing could be symptoms of other health problems beyond ingestion issues or reverse sneezing in dogs. For instance, could it be a sign of a cold or the flu, as per this article? Possibly. Or might it be indicative of a bigger issue, like a propensity to drink more water than usual, possibly due to something like diabetes, as described in this article?

If you’re noticing symptoms such as increased thirst, it is crucial to consult with a vet to rule out serious health conditions. A cough, while often benign, can sometimes be a sign of more significant health problems such as heart disease or lung disease, so it’s always critical to keep a watchful eye and follow up with veterinary advice if symptoms persist.

So, in answer to your question and in summary, your dog could be reverse sneezing, dealing with ingestion problems, or potentially showing signs of a more serious condition. Ultimately, when in doubt, it’s always best to consult your vet.

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