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Is My Cat’s Unusual Drooling a Cause for Concern?


Dear VetBabble: My Cat Is Drooling Unusually, Should I Be Worried?

As a loving and concerned cat owner, it’s normal to worry when your kitty displays behaviors outside of her usual routine. Thus, a more generalized question to tackle would be: “What could cause my cat to drool excessively, and when should I reach out to a vet?”

While your specific situation involves a cat that seems to be in otherwise good health (she’s still eating and drinking, her gums are pink, and her dental hygiene appears fine), sudden changes in behavior such as increased drooling, can trigger alarm bells. Allow me to ease your mind by pointing out that occasional drooling, while not common in cats, can still be within the bound of normal cat behavior. However, there are also several other possible causes, including dental issues, a response to certain tastes or smells, or even exposure to toxic substances. Let’s delve deeper into these possibilities.

1. Regular Dental Care for Cats

The first step in addressing your cat’s drooling might involve taking a closer look at her oral health. Even though you mentioned your kitty’s teeth look fine, underlying dental problems could be present. As highlighted in our Cat Teeth Cleaning & Dental Care guide, dental disease could be a subtle, silent problem in cats – often overlooked but a frequent cause of hidden discomfort.

Indeed, poor oral health could cause drooling as well. This underscores the critical importance of maintaining a regular dental cleaning regimen for your cat. Exhibits like redness, bad breath, or changes in eating habits might likely be signs of dental issues. Moreover, our article, Brushing your Cat’s Teeth: Dental Care for your Pet, provides more tips on maintaining your cat’s dental health.

2. Possible Exposure to Toxins

Another possibility that your concern raises is whether your cat might have consumed something toxic. Cats are usually very fastidious creatures, but alas, their curiosity can sometimes lead them into trouble. Some common household substances and plants can cause excessive drooling if consumed. It might be worth checking around your house for anything chewed or missing and double-check that your house plants are cat safe.

3. Other Potential Health Concerns

Let’s not overlook the potential of other health issues. Increased water intake and vomiting can lead to drooling. If your cat has been drinking more water than usual, it is prudent to understand the hidden reasons, as this could be an early sign of various health issues, such as diabetes or kidney disease. Obtain more information in our guide, Why Does My Cat Drink More Water?.

Similarly, if your cat starts vomiting inexplicably, drooling might precede this. Several causes can result in feline vomiting, not all of which are serious, but it’s always worth investigating. An informative read about this can be found here: Why is My Cat Vomiting?.

In conclusion, while occasional drooling can be normal, excessive and persistent drooling is a cause for concern. It’s great that you’ve observed this change in your cat, and I would recommend a quick check-in with your vet to be on the safe side. Remember, you know your fur baby best, and what may seem like a small behavioral change could be a symptom of something more significant.

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