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When Should I Worry About My Dog’s Unusual Breathing and Extended Sleep?


Dear VetBabble: My Dog’s Unusual Breathing and Extended Sleeping – When Should I be Concerned?

Warm greetings to all our pet-loving readers! Today, we received a query from a concerned pet parent, asking: “My dog sounds like she is stuffed up when she breathes and sleeps more than usual. Will this go away on its own or do I need to take her to a vet?” So, in response to this, let’s delve into some possible reasons for these symptoms and when it might be necessary to seek professional help.

Understanding the Problem

Most dogs love to snooze as much as they love to play, but if you’ve noticed your furry friend sleeping more than usual, it could indicate an underlying issue. The same holds true if your pet has apparently labored breathing or sounds “stuffed up.” These symptoms could result from a variety of factors such as colds, respiratory issues, allergies, or even a gastrointestinal problem that leads to excessive gaseousness. Let’s break it down into more details:

Possible Reasons: Cold and Coughing

To answer the question – do dogs get colds? The answer is Yes, dogs can indeed get colds. If your dog’s nose is stuffed and she seems to be sleeping more, she might have a cold. Dogs can also suffer from a range of respiratory issues that might explain the breathing difficulties. Just as humans do, dogs suffer from different types of coughs that develop due to several diseases, each requiring a specific treatment.

Possibility of an Allergic Reaction

Dogs, like humans, can also have allergies. If your furry friend is allergic to something in their environment, like pollen or dust mites, this could explain the “stuffed up” sound you’re hearing. Visit Dog Allergies for extensive information regarding signs of allergies in dogs.

When To Seek Veterinary Advice?

While some conditions might clear up on their own, any change in your pet’s normal behavior or health should be monitored carefully. If you notice your dog sleeping more than usual and presenting signs of respiratory distress for more than a couple of days, you should definitely seek professional veterinary advice. On a similar note, if your dog’s “stuffed up” breathing persists, a vet visit is in order.

Remember, as much as we love our pets and desire to provide them with the best care, we cannot substitute for professional veterinary advice. It’s essential to develop a good relationship with your local vet and feel comfortable seeking their guidance whenever necessary.

In conclusion, your pet’s well-being depends on your attentiveness to their behavior and prompt action to address any unusual changes. Of course, not every sneeze is a go-to vet moment, but awareness and quick action when necessary can thwart potential risks. Stay tuned with VetBabble for your pet’s health advice and more!

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