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How Can I Comfort My Dog During Storms and Should I Consult a Vet?


Dear VetBabble: How to Comfort Your Panting Dog During Storms

Question: Dear Vet, I’m quite concerned about my dog. She’s panting uncontrollably because it’s currently storming outside! I’m worried about her well-being as this seems to affect her deeply. What can be done about this, and should I consult with a vet for future storm occurrences? Are there calming tools, like dog collars and plugins, that can possibly help her?


Yes, indeed, your concerns are genuine, as disruptions in the weather like thunderstorms can deeply affect our furry companions. Let’s break down a plan of action and some long-term solutions into three main parts: understanding the issue, considering behavioral methods, and exploring the world of calming devices and treatments.

Understanding Noise Phobia in Dogs

Firstly, it’s essential to recognize that your canine companion’s reaction is part of a larger issue known as noise phobia. Dogs have keen hearing senses that make them susceptible to loud noises, like thunderstorms, fireworks, or even the roar of vacuum cleaners. They empathize impending storm much earlier than us, which might cause unusual behaviors like panting, shaking, and seeking refuge.

Behavioral Methods: Softening the Impact of Loud Noises

While scary noises are a part of life that we can’t always control, there’re proven methods to help your furry friend handle these frightening sounds. Pay attention to your reactions during a storm. Dogs are excellent at picking up cues from their owners. Be calm during this period, comfort your pooch and try to engage her in a fun activity.

It’s also very beneficial to train your dog to stop reacting so intensely to loud noises. This will not just help in scenarios like a thunderstorm but also when your pet encounters other loud noises in her daily life.

Calming Tools: From Collars to Anxiety Treatments

Yes, this is where calming tools and devices, including collars and plugins, come in handy. They are designed to release calming pheromones that can help your pet relax during stressful situations. While bark collars can help control excessive barking, they should be used prudently and as part of a broader training and calming program.

More severe cases of anxiety in dogs might require professional intervention. If your dog’s anxiety is intense, it’s essential to deal with it correctly. This could involve a visit to your vet, who may prescribe medication, or consult with a dog behavioral specialist for a tailored approach based on your dog’s specific needs.

In conclusion, it’s crucial to remember that fearful reactions to thunderstorms or other loud noises are very common in dogs. With the correct understanding, training, and tools, you can help your beloved pet navigate these scary events while minimizing stress. Remember, your calming presence is among the most powerful tools at your disposal.

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