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What Should I Do If My Rabbit’s Behavior Changes Dramatically?


Dear VetBabble: What To Do When My Bunny’s Behavior Changes Drastically?

One of the concerns that our pet parents have recently raised is about a sudden change in their beloved bunny’s behavior. They mentioned that their once outgoing and active bunny refuses to eat his favorite treats, is reluctant to leave his cage, and even had an accident, which is entirely out of character. Are these signs of illness? And what steps can be taken when faced with such a situation? I am here to shed some light on this issue.

Understanding Your Pet’s Behavior

Changes in a pet’s behavior, especially drastic ones like refusing treats or secluding themselves, are generally an indication that something might not be right. It’s essential to remember that animals, like humans, might feel under the weather now and then. However, they don’t always have the means to express it like we do.

Using rabbits as an example, their natural instinct is to hide their illnesses, a survival mechanism ingrained in them from their wild ancestors. Unfortunately, this makes spotting when they’re in distress a little more challenging. For more specific information about rabbit care and behavior, you may find it helpful to take a look at our Rabbit Care Guide.

Foreign Bodies And Your Pet

There are times when a pet’s changed behavior could be due to the ingestion of a foreign object, a situation that could potentially make them feel uncomfortable or even unwell. It’s not only dogs that are infamous for swallowing something they shouldn’t! All curiosity-driven creatures, including house rabbits, could be susceptive to this. Accidental ingestion can lead to blockages, irritation, or other issues. If you suspect that your pet might have eaten something unusual, it might be a good idea to visit our article on Foreign Bodies: I Think My Pet Ate Something It Shouldn’t! for more knowledge on the subject.

Accidents and Litter Habits

Irregular litter habits can also be a sign that your pet isn’t feeling well. If you notice your bunny or cat having accidents outside of their litter box, they could be communicating distress or discomfort; or in the worst case, a medical problem. Don’t be too quick to assume it’s a behavioral issue! I would recommend reading our article, Why Won’t My Cat Use the Litter Tray? Even if you’re a bunny owner, you’ll find the information valuable as it covers broad issues, regarding litter habits and health.

Lastly, if you’re a pet-parent to upper-scale pets like bunnies or guinea pigs, remember, their environment plays a crucial role in their overall health and wellbeing. A comfortable, stress-free dwelling could mean less health or behavior problems. For more insight on guinea pig habitat, visit our article on What are the Best Guinea Pig Cages?

Ultimately, persistent behavioral changes or health concerns should always warrant a visit to your local vet, preferably one who specializes in exotics. They are best equipped to evaluate and treat any potential issues your fur-buddy might be facing.

Remember, keeping an eye on your pet’s behavior, recognizing any changes, and providing regular vet visits are the best ways to keep them hopping happily!

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