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What Should You Do If Your Cat Has an Open Wound?


Dear VetBabble: What to Do When Your Cat Suffers From an Open Wound?

Dear VetBabble, I recently put an inexpensive metal necklace on my dear cat named Sam, and he has since developed an open wound that appears to be worsening. I am concerned about his well-being and want to take him to see a vet, but my financial situation won’t allow me to do that until the 3rd. What can I do in the meantime? Does it sound like he might need antibiotics? Can cleaning his wound with salty water or a solution of diluted chlorhexidine (hibiscrub) help while waiting?

Section 1: Home Treatment for Cat Wounds

It’s imperative to quickly attend to your cat’s injuries to prevent further complications. Salty water or a solution of diluted chlorhexidine for cleaning could work temporarily. However, remember that nothing can replace the diagnosis and treatment given by a professional. In the meantime, referring to the First Aid Guide for Cats, can provide insights on how to properly take care of Sam’s wound.

Section 2: Underscoring the Importance of Seeing a Veterinarian

While at-home first aid is necessary, the wound you described does sound as if it might need antibiotics that can only be provided by a certified veterinarian. It’s vital to consider that incorrect or delayed treatments can lead to severe conditions such as Cat Bite Abscesses, making it even more important for Sam to be seen by a vet. I know waiting until the 3rd seems a long time, but I can’t stress enough that Sam’s wound requires professional attention.

Section 3: In The Meantime: Prioritizing Pet Care

While seeking professional veterinary care is absolutely necessary, don’t panic. It is still possible to positively influence Sam’s health as he waits for his trip to the vet’s office. Keep his wound clean as mentioned above with the tools you have. The link here on How to Treat your Pet’s Wounds at Home could provide additional beneficial information despite it being originally focused on dogs, many of the principles apply to cats as well.

Additionally, the incident with the necklace is an important reminder of the precautions that should be taken with pets. Objects that may seem harmless can lead to injuries, and sometimes, they can be quite severe. Always ensure that anything your pet wears is safe and comfortable for them.

Finally, remember to take care of Sam’s overall health. For instance, maintaining his dental care routine by Brushing your Cat’s Teeth can prevent other health problems, therefore minimizing the impact of one health issue over others.

Remember, Sam counts on you, and I’m confident you’re doing your best to provide him with the care he needs. Let’s hope for a swift recovery after his visit to the vet on the 3rd. Hang in there!

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