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What should I do if my black lab’s ear is draining and swollen?


Dear VetBabble: Help, my Black Lab’s Ear is Draining and Swollen!

We’ve got a concern from a fellow pet parent about their beloved black labrador, whose left ear is draining, smells bad, and is noticeably swollen. They’re curious to know what can be done to remedy this. While these symptoms are indeed cause for concern, it sounds like a job for a professional. Let’s talk about how you can understand, prevent, and ideally help your dog with potential ear issues.

Understanding Your Dog’s Ear Issue and Why Immediate Vet Attention is Essential

From the draining combined with an unpleasant smell and swelling, it’s very likely that your black lab may have an ear infection. This could have been caused by a variety of factors – allergies, yeast, bacteria, or even ear mites. It’s important not to ignore these symptoms as untreated ear conditions can lead to more serious complications, including hematomas or potentially a loss of hearing entirely.

While some might think a visit to the vet is necessary only for severe issues, it’s key to remember that what may seem minor to us could be indicative of a more significant underlying condition. Just like us humans, it’s crucial we get our pets checked out by a vet even if we suspect minor abnormalities – we must let the professionals make the judgement calls!

Prevention Is Better Than Cure: Routine Ear Care for Your Dog

Ear infections are relatively common in dogs, especially those with floppy ears like your black labrador. Prevention is absolutely key in keeping ear infections at bay. One way you can keep tabs on your dog’s ear health is by keeping them clean. A step-by-step guide on How to Clean Your Dog’s Ears: A Pet Parents Guide is an excellent resource for learning how to properly clean your dog’s ears. Establishing a routine cleaning schedule can go a long way in preventing potential ear infections.

Similarly, How Do I Clean My Dog’s Ears? is another handy reference to ensure your dog’s ears remain clean and healthy. Follow these guides diligently, and remember, it’s always better to start earlier rather than later with regular ear care. Don’t wait for an issue to pop up – prevention really is the best medicine!

Addressing the Underlying Concern: Could It Be Something Else?

While it’s likely that an ear infection is the cause of the concerning symptoms you’re observing in your black lab, there could be other potential issues at play. For example, dogs often carry out behaviours like excessive scratching or scooting on the floor, these might show discomfort in the anal area. In these cases, it’s essential to know How to Express Dog’s Anal Glands.

As final word of advice, your vet is your ally in maintaining your pet’s health. When in doubt, always seek professional advice. It’s always best to address any potential issues earlier rather than later – when it comes to our furry friends, we should never leave anything to chance!

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