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What Calm Dog Breeds Are Best for a Home with an Older Dog Not Fond of Hyper Dogs?


Dear VetBabble,

My 10-year-old dog doesn’t do well with hyper dogs, and I’m considering getting a second dog. Are there any specific “calm” dog breeds or should I avoid puppies altogether? I’m open to adopting from a rescue or pound, but I want to ensure that our new furry family member will be a good fit for our home and existing pet.

Finding the Right Calm Dog Breed

It’s great that you’re considering your current dog’s preferences while looking to grow your fur family. While puppies tend to be hyper, there are breeds known for their calm and easy-going nature. These dogs can make excellent companions for older or more sensitive dogs. Here are some laid-back breeds to consider:

  • Clumber Spaniels: This breed is generally low-energy and friendly, making them a great option for a calm companion. They can be stubborn at times but have loving personalities and are good with kids.
  • Basset Hounds: Although vocal, these dogs are typically relatively low-key and easy-going. They love to lounge around with their owners, making them excellent snuggle buddies. To learn more about Basset Hounds and other breeds that don’t shed, visit this link on Types of Dogs That Don’t Shed.
  • Greyhounds: Despite their racing background, Greyhounds are actually notably calm and gentle pets. They are loving and affectionate with their families and get along well with other dogs.

It’s important to remember that not all dogs within a breed will exhibit the same traits. Therefore, it’s essential to research different breeds thoroughly before making a decision. For guidance on Choosing a Dog Breed, feel free to visit our article for more information.

Adopting a Calm Dog From a Rescue or Shelter

If you’re considering adopting from a rescue or shelter, it’s a great opportunity to observe the temperament of individual dogs and find a calm companion for your pet. Rescues and shelters often assess the personality and energy level of their dogs and can provide valuable insights to potential adopters. Be sure to discuss your current dog’s preferences with the staff to help identify a suitable match. Additionally, it’s a good idea to arrange a meet-and-greet between the dogs before finalizing the adoption to ensure they are a good fit for one another.

Keep in mind that many rescues and shelters have dogs of all ages, including adult and senior dogs, who are usually more settled and laid-back compared to puppies. Adopting an older dog can be a rewarding experience and may be the perfect solution for your current pet’s preferences.

Preparing Your Home for Your New Calm Companion

Before bringing your new dog home, make sure the environment is comfortable and welcoming for both pets. Introduce your dogs in a neutral setting where they can meet without territorial concerns. Ensure you have separate spaces for each dog, including individual beds, food, and water bowls, and toys. This will help ease any potential tension during the early stages of their relationship.

For tips on how to select the perfect additions to your family, check out our article on Family Dog Breeds: Best Dogs to Own.

Ultimately, sharing your home with two dogs of different energy levels can be a rewarding experience for you, your current dog, and your new pet. By choosing a suitable calm breed or adopting a tranquil dog from a rescue, you are more likely to create a harmonious and loving environment for your pets.

Before making a decision, take your time to research and consider Should I Get a Dog? Pondering this question will help ensure you make the best choice for your family and dogs in the long run.

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