Saturday, April 13, 2024

Orvis ToughChew Dog Bed


Consumer Rank – 4 Stars  Orvis lived up to their promise!” The Orvis ToughChew Dog Bed consistently ranks 4-stars or higher on consumer lists. The company is highly regarded for customer service, and that alone may keep their products elevated, it is after all good to buy with confidence.

Brand Variety –The Orvis ToughChew Bed is available in sizes to fit dogs from the tiny Pomeranian to the giant Great Dane. Orvis ToughChew Beds are designed for different sleeping habits including; bolster beds, comfort fill platform pillow beds, and memory foam beds.  A wide selection of covers fits nearly any décor, and the replaceable fabric is not only durable but machine washable. Orvis even offers a custom monogramming service for the “name conscious” pup.

Orvis ToughChew Dog Bed

Consumer Review 8.0
Variety 9.0
Price 7.0
Gaurantee 10.0


  • Unbeatable product guarantee.
  • wide range of choice options.
  • Orvis provides superior customer service.


  • Higher price point than most competitors
  • Fiber-filled pillow construction may actually encourage tearing.