Dog scratching itself due to itchiness.

What Could Be Causing My Dog’s Hair Loss and Itchy Skin?

Dear VetBabble: What's Causing My Dog's Hair Loss and Itching? A concerned pet owner writes: "My dog has a patch of fur missing...
bladder stones in dogs

Does My Dog Have Bladder Stones?

Bladder stones in dogs are firm clumps of minerals that have accumulated in the urinary bladder over a certain period of time. If you...
cat lying on couch

Exercise for Cats

You're not likely to take your cat out for a jog or a long walk. But cats need exercise. We share out tips for keeping your feline friend in tip-top shape.
dog and treat

Baking Healthy Treats For Your Pet

Making your own pet treats can be very easy and inexpensive. Using just one recipe as a base you can experiment with what works for you and your pet using only healthy and natural ingredients.
Dog lying down with a bandaged foot.

Why is My Dog in Pain and Unable to Walk After a Fixed Nod...

Dear VetBabble, Why is My Dog Not Walking and Experiencing Pain After Fixing and Nod Near the Foot? Finding that your dog is...
A worried dog sitting still

What Should I Do if My Dog’s Stomach Becomes Hard and Swollen After Play?

Dear VetBabble: What To Do When Your Dog's Stomach Gets Big and Hard After Play? Recent increases in bloating issues among our canine...
Labrador mix drinking water from a bowl.

Why is my Lab mix suddenly drinking more water and urinating frequently? Should I...

Dear VetBabble, I've noticed that my 2-year-old Lab mix has suddenly started drinking a lot more water than usual. Additionally, they have increased frequency...
Dog looking concerned after receiving a vaccination

Is Pain and Shaking Normal in Dogs After a Rabies Shot?

Dear VetBabble: Is my dog's pain and shaking normal after a rabies shot? We understand how concerning it can be to see your...
Cat curiously investigating a pill on the floor.

What Actions to Take If a Cat Consumes a Concerta Pill?

Dear VetBabble: What Should I Do If My Cat Ingests a Concerta Pill? As pet owners, we can sometimes find ourselves in alarming...
Tortoise looking at a plate of vegetables.

Why Isn’t My Tortoise Eating? A Guide to Addressing Appetite Issues

Dear VetBabble: Why is my tortoise not eating? Hello Bob, thanks for your question! It's important for pet owners to understand the factors...
concerned dog with a slightly swollen eye

Why is My Dog’s Eye Swollen and How Can I Help Them?

Dear VetBabble: Why is My Dog's Eye Swollen and What Should I Do? Yesterday, we noticed the reddish-pink part of my dog's eye...
A Boxer dog enjoying a balanced meal.

How Can I Maintain My Boxer’s Health and Balance Essential Fatty Acids After Pancreatitis?

Dear VetBabble: Supporting Your Boxer's Health After Pancreatitis Addressing the Concerns of Essential Fatty Acids in Dogs with Pancreatitis One of the frequent...
Cat lying on the grass

Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds

Allergies to cats are far more common than allergies to dogs. We discuss breeds allergy sufferers should steer clear of and which ones are hypoallergenic.
Pet looking uncomfortable while trying to urinate.

What Causes Trouble in Urinating for Pets and How to Help Them?

Dear VetBabble: Why does my pet have trouble urinating? Dear pet owner, it's great that you're seeking information to better understand and care...
dog lying down on the floor

Bone Cancer in Dogs (Osteosarcoma)

Canine cancer can be a dog owners’ worst nightmare and few other cancers are as terrifying as bone cancer. Osteosarcoma is the most common form of bone cancer found in dogs, accounting for around 85% of total bone tumors.