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    How to Make a No Sew Dog Coat

    Yorkshire Terrier in a coat

    Making your own unique dog coat is simple with these no-sew patterns using up-cycled fabrics or an old t-shirt.

    Now that it’s cold, it’s time to think about cute outfits for our pets to keep them warm.

    We love dogs of all shapes and sizes, but who can resist a cute little dog in a stylish outfit. Of course you can dress dogs of all sizes, but our tiny furry friends are much closer to ground and a little more prone to feeling the cold.

    One option is to repurpose some some old garments, while making a unique fashion statement.

    The first jacket design comes from Sewdelish, and what a brilliant idea this is to make a dog coat out of an old kids sweater. Simply take an old fleece jumper and cut the sleeve off and that becomes the ‘body’ of the coat, then use the cuff as the neck.

    puppy sweater cuts

    And doesn’t little Tinker look adorable.

    puppy sweater small

    If you like to browse fabric stores for a specific look for your pet, polar fleece is an excellent option for a dog coat. And because it won’t fray, there is really no need to hem it. Making a coat can be as simple as measuring up your dog, cutting a simple shape long and wide enough for your dog, cutting some arm-holes, then sewing or sticking on some velcro. This pattern from Slowgirlfastdog demonstrates the basic idea  This pattern would also work well for up-cycling an old blanket.

    If you prefer more visuals, check out this YouTube tutorial for a very fashionable dog bed and outfit tutorial starring Princess Buttercup.

    For another up-cycling option, check out this Instructables tutorial on how to convert an old T-shirt into a unique statement dog coat. And what could be simpler than using glue on those hems if you don’t have a sewing machine.

    Dog t-shirt design