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8 Easy (and Adorable) Halloween Costumes for your Dog


So you’ve got your Halloween costume figured out and maybe one for your kids, but what about your best friend?  Halloween isn’t just for people anymore.  While your dog shouldn’t be partaking in the eating the Halloween treats, he can definitely dress for the occasion.  Here are just a few easy costumes made mostly from stuff you already have around the house to help get your dog into the Halloween spirit.

And the Race is On!

Do you have a greyhound, whippet, or just a dog that’s the size of a pony?  How about turning him into a prize winning racehorse by adding a jockey to his back?  This simple costume consists of creating a ‘saddle’ from a small blanket or pad and tying on a doll or action figure as the jockey.  You can even go so far as to fashion a bridle from a rope and tie a blue ribbon on it.  Don’t forget the wreath of flowers to drape over his neck if your dog is willing and you’ll have a Triple Crown winner of your with racer on back

The Gentleman or the Lady

If you’re looking for something a little fancier for your furry friend this Halloween, consider dressing them as a gentleman or a lady.  For the gentleman, a bowtie, some wire rimmed glasses and top hat or Fedora will do.  If you want to go even further, a child’s or baby’s vest can be added.  To dress it up, or down depending on how you look at it, you can add a child’s tuxedo t-shirt.

For the lady, try a pearl necklace, hair bow, and tutu.  A pair of clip on earrings can be fun too, if they don’t hurt your dog and she will tolerate them.  You can also add a shawl or scarf, but remember, she’s already got the fur coat!

dog in lady costume

Cha-Cha-Cha Chia!

We all remember the catchy jingle for the popular plant growing system.  You can refresh everyone’s memory this Halloween by dressing your buddy as a life-size Chia Pet.  Make this costume by sewing or gluing fake greenery such as ivy or aquarium plants to a dog sweater.  Slip the sweater on your dog.  For an added touch, make him a set of terracotta leggings out of paper or fabric to mimic the growing pot.

chia dog

Collectable Cuteness

We all have our bookshelf piled high with Ty Beanie Babies.  This Halloween, turn your dog into one of the popular toys.  To do this, simply print or draw a larger version of the iconic Ty heart shaped tag and tie it around your pup’s neck.  This costume is also a great idea for shelter or humane society dogs that are up for adoption as you can write a cute story about them for the inside of the tag.  The story can be an added bonus of uniqueness to help these furry friends find their forever homes.

beanie baby dog

My Spider-Sense is Tingling

With the popularity that superheroes are enjoying in the box office these days, dressing your dog as a superhero will definitely be recognizable and easy.  Probably the most recognizable item of a superhero’s outfit is the cape.  You can make your dog a cape out of just about anything: a scrape of fabric, towel, dog sweater or even paper.  You can use markers, fabric paint, or iron-on decals to add the superhero logo of your choosing.

dog in cape

Also consider child’s superhero pajamas.  Most come with a detachable cape and can be sized to fit your dog, well medium to large breeds anyway.  Children’s superhero masks can be used on your dog as well.  If you end up using a full body superhero costume, don’t forget to stuff the sleeves to beef up your pup’s biceps.

Animal Kingdom

We all love dogs, but sometimes it can be fun to make our dogs look like other animals.  A cat ear headband and a longer tail attachment can change woof to meow.  For a whimsical change, attach a paper towel shaped into horn on your dog’s head to transform him into a unicorn.  A black and yellow striped child’s t-shirt and a pair of fairy wings will make him buzz like a bee.  Grab a piece of fuzzy fabric, scarf, or long haired wig and your dog could be kind of the jungle.  A red dog sweater with painted or markered black spots makes a cute ladybug.  The list goes on and on and your costumes can be as diverse as the animal kingdom itself.

dog bee

It’s Fun to Have Fun, But You have to Know How

If you happen to have a dynamic duo of dogs, a cute idea would be Thing 1 and Thing 2 from Dr. Seuss’s The Cat in the Hat.  For this costume, all you need is a couple of red dog sweaters and blue wigs.  You can either print or draw the Thing 1 and Thing 2 circle on a piece of white paper and glue or pin to the sweater.  Add the blue wig to your dog’s head and you’ve got the wacky twins from the classic children’s book.

For a fun addition, give your cat, if you’ve got one, a white and red striped hat and you can relive the Dr. Seuss magic.

Do Your Own Thing

Lastly, a great costume can be made using PetPaint.  I realize that this product probably isn’t something that you normally have around the house, but perhaps it should be.  Buy this now and you can use it for many years and many costumes to come.

PetPaint is an animal safe, non-toxic paint that can be sprayed on your dog’s coat to create any costume imaginable.  It comes in a wide variety of colors and is easily washed out after the Halloween festivities are over.  PetPaint can allow you to create a walking doggie skeleton, tiger stripes, or camouflage.

tigger dog

No matter what you decide to dress your playful pal as for Halloween, make sure you have fun with it.  Also consider costumes that are similar to your dog’s natural features.  Although it may be cliché, a Pomeranian makes an adorable bear or lion.  Also, remember you can’t go wrong with matching costumes, either owner/pet matches or pet/pet matches.

Have a cat?  Don’t leave them out and check out our other article for tips on getting them dressed up.

Finally, don’t let your attention get distracted by the cuteness of your dog’s costume.  Make sure your pup can’t get into the Halloween candy or decorations.  Be safe and have a Happy Halloween!

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