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Why Won’t My Cat Come Inside After Moving to a New Home?


Dear VetBabble: My Cat Doesn’t Want to Come Inside After Moving to a New Home – What Can I Do?

Hello! It sounds like your 12-year-old cat, Sofia, is having a bit of trouble adjusting to her new surroundings after your recent move. Her confusion and hesitation to come inside may stem from her previous experiences with being outdoors and living in a busy household. In this article, we’ll discuss how to help Sofia feel more comfortable in her new home by establishing a safe indoor environment, easing her anxiety, and taking additional precautions. To assist you further, we’ll also provide helpful resources to guide you in this process.

Creating a Safe and Familiar Indoor Environment

Ensuring that Sofia feels secure and comfortable in your new home is essential to helping her adjust. One way to do this is by confining her to a smaller area of the house where she can start to become familiar with the new smells, sights, and sounds. Additionally, it’s crucial to provide her with extra litter boxes to help her feel at ease when using the bathroom. For more tips on settling your cat into your new home, be sure to check out this article on Moving House With Cats.

Easing Your Cat’s Anxiety During the Transition

Sofia may be experiencing anxiety in her new environment, which leads to her reluctance to come indoors. A helpful solution for soothing her is using Feliway diffusers, which release calming pheromones and help her feel more relaxed. This Pet Parent’s Guide to Feliway for Cats will provide you with more information on this effective anxiety-relief tool. Furthermore, remember that patience is crucial during this adjustment period, and constantly reassuring her will also help with her uneasiness.

Preventing Potential Dangers and Preparing for New Furry Family Members

As tempting as it may be to let Sofia venture outdoors, we recommend keeping her inside during the first few weeks after the move, as she may wander off and have difficulty finding her way back. This also applies if you’re planning to introduce a new fur baby to your household in the future, where patience and preparations are key. For more advice on successfully introducing a new pet to your current furry family member, refer to this article on Introducing A New Pet To Your Furry Family.

If you’re expecting to welcome a new cat companion soon, it’s essential to be well-prepared for their arrival to ensure the smoothest integration into your household. The article on Bringing Home a New Cat: Tips to be Prepared is an excellent resource to help you get your home ready for its newest feline member.

We hope that these tips and resources aid you in creating a comfortable and happy space for Sofia in your new home. Just remember, patience and consistency are crucial, and in time, she’ll be able to fully adjust to her new surroundings. Thanks for reaching out to VetBabble, and we wish you the best of luck!

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