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Why Does My Cat Meow Non-Stop and How Can I Help Her?


Dear VetBabble,

My cat just doesn’t stop meowing. She meows when her kittens are sleeping, when she just sitting/walking etc she can meow for hours. What do I do? Is she in heat or is there any issue with her?

Understanding Excessive Meowing in Cats with Kittens

It can be concerning and confusing when your cat seems to meow nonstop, especially if she has recently had kittens. Cats communicate with us and other animals in various ways. Meowing is just one of the multiple ways they express their feelings, emotions, and needs with us. There could be several reasons why your cat is meowing excessively, and pinpointing the cause can help both you and your furry friend feel more at ease. Here, we’ll explore three common causes of excessive meowing in cats, specifically those with kittens.

1. In Heat or Post-Pregnancy Changes

As you mentioned, an intact female cat could be in heat. It’s not uncommon for a female cat to go into heat just 1-2 months after delivering a litter. When in heat, female cats can become more vocal and exhibit other behavioral changes. Alternatively, hormonal fluctuations following the birth may be a contributing factor to the excessive meowing. To learn more about pregnancy in cats, check out our article on Pregnancy in Cats: Advice and What to Expect.

If your cat hasn’t been spayed yet, this would be an ideal time to consider doing so. Spaying your cat can prevent further pregnancies and manage hormone-related behaviors, including excessive meowing. For more information about spaying and neutering cats, refer to our article on Desexing Cats is More Common than we Think.

2. Illness or Injury

Excessive meowing can also be a sign of illness, pain, or discomfort in your cat. Your cat may have an underlying health issue that requires attention. It is crucial to have her examined by your veterinarian to diagnose any possible illness or injury. Common issues that can cause a cat to meow excessively include urinary tract infections, pain, or thyroid problems, among others. Remember, it’s always better to be safe than sorry, and a visit to your veterinarian can help identify any significant concerns.

3. Communication and Socialization Needs

Finally, let’s not forget the power of simple communication. Your cat might be using meowing as a way to communicate with you, her kittens, or other pets in your home. She might need more attention, reassurance, or socialization. Learning about cat behaviors and communication signals will help you understand what your cat is trying to tell you. For example, did you know that purring can be a form of communication? Check out our article on Why do Cats Purr? A Purr-fect Question to learn more.

Living with new kittens can also influence your cat’s behavior and vocalization habits. Cats often communicate with their kittens through meowing and other vocalizations. Understanding the dynamics between a queen and her kittens can help you support their needs and have a harmonious home. For more information, take a look at our article on Queens and their New Kittens: What to Expect.

In conclusion, it’s essential to understand the possible causes of excessive meowing in your cat. To determine the root cause, consult your veterinarian and have your cat examined. In addition, consider spaying your cat if she isn’t already to prevent further pregnancies and manage hormone-related behaviors, including excessive meowing. Finally, remember that communication is vital, and your cat might be trying to tell you something through her meowing. By understanding her needs, you can both enjoy a more peaceful household!

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