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What Should I Know if My Turtle Has Eggs Without Mating?


Dear VetBabble: What Do I Need to Know When My Turtle Carries Eggs Without Mating?

One of our readers recently asked about their Cumberland turtle who is carrying eggs, despite not having any contact with a male. They wanted to know if there is anything they need to do, how long it takes for the turtle to lay eggs, and how long the turtle carries them. As it turns out, female turtles can indeed produce infertile eggs without a male. In this article, we’ll be discussing what pet owners should know when their female turtle carries eggs without mating.

Identifying and Caring for Eggs in Turtles

First, it’s important to determine whether your turtle is, in fact, carrying eggs. Females can produce infertile eggs without male contact. To ensure that you’re providing the best care for your turtle and her eggs, it’s important to learn about proper freshwater turtle care. Check out our article on “How do I care for a freshwater turtle?” for helpful tips and advice.

In turtles, the process of egg production and laying usually happens within a few months after the eggs start to form. After your turtle has laid her eggs, it’s essential to provide a proper incubation environment. While infertile eggs won’t hatch into baby turtles, they still need to be taken care of to ensure the health of your female turtle. Generally, turtle eggs incubate for 60-90 days.

Understanding Reproduction in Other Pets

While we’re on the topic of reproduction, it’s important to remember that different pets have varying reproductive processes and requirements. For example, the process for cats and dogs might differ from that of turtles. If you have other pets at home, it’s essential to understand their reproductive needs as well.

For cat owners, understanding a feline’s pregnancy and the proper care to be taken throughout the process is crucial. Learn more about the pregnancy journey of cats in our article titled “Pregnancy in Cats: Advice and What to Expect“.

Similarly, dog owners must be aware of the gestation period and the proper care their furry friends need during their pregnancies. To learn more about pregnancy and breeding in dogs, you can read our article on “Pregnancy in Dogs“.

For those who own unique and exotic pets, such as snakes, their reproductive needs must also be considered. If you’re curious about snake care, particularly regarding reproduction, you can refer to our informative article “How do I Care for a Snake?“.


It’s crucial to understand and accommodate the reproductive needs of our pets, regardless of whether they are carrying fertile or infertile eggs. For the health of your female turtle carrying eggs without any contact with a male, provide proper care and attention throughout the process. Remember, caring for her eggs is not only essential for the turtle’s well-being but also for pet owners to be well-equipped in handling such situations.

Extend this knowledge to all the pets you care for – from cats, dogs, and even exotic pets like snakes – and ensure their needs are met, especially during such delicate times as pregnancy. With a little research and dedication, you can offer the utmost care to your beloved pets.

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