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Should a Vet Examine My Golden Retriever’s Droopy, Tearing Eye Despite Normal Vision?


Dear VetBabble,

I am the proud owner of a 7-year-old, pedigree Golden Retriever. I have noticed something concerning about his left eye—it seems a bit droopy and has been tearing up slightly. Despite this, my furry friend still seems to be able to see just fine out his affected eye, his vision doesn’t appear impaired. There’s no yellow discharge, but I’m still worried. Would you recommend I bring him to see a vet for this condition?

What To Look For in your Dog’s Eye

To start, let me assure you that you’re already doing a fantastic job as a pet parent by paying attention to the subtle details about your canine companion’s health. Changes like droopy eyes and persistent tearing aren’t something to overlook, and they might indeed warrant a trip to the vet, even if there’s no other alarming signs such as yellow discharge.

The health of a dog’s eyes can often mirror their overall wellbeing. Among Common Eye Conditions in Dogs, droopy eyes and tearing could potentially indicate a variety of issues.

The Importance of a High-Quality Breed

The breed of your dog can sometimes play a part in susceptibility to specific conditions. In your case, your Golden Retriever is known for being a generally robust breed, but they can have their share of breed-specific health concerns, including certain ophthalmic conditions. Therefore, regardless of breed, being proactive with your pet’s health care is always an imperative task.

How Your Dog Sees the World

A dog’s eyes are arguably their most treasured senses. If you’ve ever wondered How Does Your Dog See the World?, you’d be amazed. It’s different from the way we humans do – in colours, depth and field of view. When a pet’s eyes are healthy, they can better appreciate their surroundings. Thus, maintaining your dog’s eyes’ health is essential for their quality of life.

Regular Health Checks for Dogs

Prevention is always preferable to treatment. Regular check-ups of your pet’s health play a significant role in early detection and efficient treatment of potential ailments. Don’t wait for obvious symptoms; make Regular Health Checks for Dogs a part of your pet care regimen to ensure a long, happy, and healthy life for your beloved pet.

All things considered, I would indeed suggest you get your Golden Retriever checked out by your vet. This seemingly minor condition might be a symptom of something more significant. While it might turn out to be a harmless case of droopiness as a result of age or fatigue, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Once again, your dedication to your dog’s wellbeing is commendable, and he is fortunate to have an owner who cares deeply for him.

Always remember, healthy eyes make a happy dog!

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