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Why is my Six-Month-Old Kitten Losing Balance? Possible Causes?


Dear VetBabble: Why is My Six Month Old Cat Losing Balance?

“Dear VetBabble, I have a six-month-old cat who is exhibiting some concerning signs. He’s having a hard time maintaining his balance and even falls over when he shakes his head. I can’t find any outward signs of injury and there’s no evidence he’s been hurt, but his gums are pale. Could this possibly be an indication of internal bleeding? Should I be worried about possible exposure to toxins? Most importantly, when do such symptoms warrant a visit to the emergency vet?”

Understanding Your Cat’s Health: Identifying Concerning Signs

Firstly, being a responsible pet parent, identifying your cat’s health issues early on is crucial. Pale gums can often indicate blood loss, anemia or other serious health issues. Similarly, loss of balance could signify an inner ear issue, a neurological disorder or a host of other concerns. If your cat exhibits these symptoms, it is essential to ensure their immediate safety and proceed to consult a vet. Given there is no outward sign of trauma, your cat’s symptoms could be indicative of an underlying problem – perhaps even internal bleeding, which is a serious condition and requires immediate veterinary attention. Remember, any dramatic changes in your pet’s health or behavior are often a cause for concern and should be addressed promptly. You can read more about signs of possible health issues in cats here.

Possible Health Concerns: Weight Loss and Hair Loss in Cats

Although weight loss and hair loss for your cat are not your immediate concern, it’s important to keep an eye out for these signs as well. Weight loss, in particular, frequently accompanies severe health conditions and should not be ignored. If you notice your cat isn’t eating like usual or seems to be losing weight rapidly, this article on Why is my Cat Losing Weight? could be a valuable resource. Similarly, hair loss can also be a sneak-peek to potential health issues. It may be triggered due to allergies, infections, or more serious ailments. Find out more on Hair Loss in Cats.

Another Potential Issue: Liver Disease in Cats

Lastly, while your cat’s symptom of imbalance could point towards numerous causes, one severe condition we should consider is liver disease. The liver plays a significant role in the body and its failure could lead to various symptoms such as loss of appetite, change in behavior, and even neurological signs such as imbalance. Pale gums, interestingly, could also be a sign due to the lack of nutrient-rich blood circulating the body that a healthy liver would typically ensure. To learn more about this particular health concern, reference this article about Liver Disease in Cats. Common Causes, Symptoms and What to Expect.

In sum, your cat’s symptoms could indicate numerous potential health concerns – some simple and others more severe. As a cat owner, it’s essential to keep an eye out for changes in your cat’s behavior or health condition and consult your vet immediately when you’re concerned.

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