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Why is My Senior Dog Drinking Too Much and Losing Bladder Control?


Dear VetBabble: Why Is My Older Dog Drinking Excessively And Losing Bladder Control?

One concerned pet owner asks, “My 9-year-old boxer dog has suddenly developed increased food and water appetite, and is having difficulty controlling her bladder – frequently eliminating herself indoors. Could this be a potential warning sign of a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)? Do you recommend that I schedule a visit with our regular vet?”

Understanding Increased Water Consumption in Dogs

Often, when it comes to changes in drinking habits, pet owners should pay close attention. An unusual increase in your dog’s water intake could be an indicator of certain health problems. One such condition might be diabetes or kidney disease, which can prompt a dog to drink more water. Even conditions related to the liver or certain hormonal imbalances like Cushing’s disease could be potential causes. For more comprehensive details on these conditions and their relation to your pet’s water intake, visit this article.

Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) and Dogs

The symptoms described could indeed signal a UTI. UTIs in older dogs are quite common and can cause an increase in thirst and frequent urination, often causing incontinence. UTIs can be an extremely uncomfortable experience for your four-legged friend. Infection can cause irritation and inflammation of the urinary tract, leading to increased frequency of urination and potential accidents indoors. For more specific information on urinary tract infections in dogs, check out this enlightening article.

The Impact of Spaying on a Dog’s Urinary Control

It is also valid to consider your dog’s surgical history when addressing these changes. Should your dog have been spayed, you may want to look into Spay Urinary Incontinence. This condition most commonly affects middle-aged and older spayed females, causing them frequent urine leakage. Dogs suffering from this condition can leave wet spots where they sleep or leak urine when they stand from lying down. For additional resources related to spay urinary incontinence, this article provides in-depth insight.

Paying a Visit to Your Vet

Recognizing these potential warning signs is the first step to returning your companion to good health. It is crucial to consult with your vet when you notice these changes. By conducting a health screening, your vet can precisely diagnose the condition and administer an appropriate treatment regimen. Do not hesitate to make that appointment when your pet’s health is in question.

In essence, as pet owners, we should stay vigilant for any changes in our pet’s behavior and habits, as they can often signal underlying health issues. Prompt veterinary attention can indeed make a huge difference in safeguarding your pet’s quality of life.

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