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Is Pain and Shaking Normal in Dogs After a Rabies Shot?


Dear VetBabble: Is my dog’s pain and shaking normal after a rabies shot?

We understand how concerning it can be to see your furry friend in discomfort after receiving a vaccination. In this article, we will discuss possible causes for your dog’s symptoms and what you can do to help. As always, if you have any concerns about your pet’s health, please consult your veterinarian.

Understanding Post-Vaccination Reactions

It’s important to remember that just like humans, dogs can experience side effects after receiving vaccinations. Some pets may have mild reactions, while others may have more severe symptoms.

One possible reason your dog may be experiencing pain and shaking after receiving a rabies shot could be a reaction to the vaccine itself. Pain and lethargy are common symptoms that may occur after vaccinations. However, if these symptoms continue or worsen, it is crucial to reach out to your veterinarian for advice, since the reaction might need medical attention and treatment. Your veterinarian will check your dog’s vitals and may recommend medication based on their assessment. You can further explore possible reactions and other vaccine-related information in our article about Dog Vaccines: When to get them and which ones you need.

Allergic Reactions in Dogs

Another possibility is that your dog is experiencing an allergic reaction. Although rare, dogs can have an allergic reaction to the vaccine or one of its ingredients. Symptoms of an allergic reaction may include facial swelling, hives, vomiting, diarrhea, difficulty breathing, or a sudden and severe decrease in blood pressure. If you notice any of these signs, it is vital to contact your veterinarian immediately. To learn more about spotting an allergic reaction in your dog, check out our article on Is my Dog Having an Allergic Reaction?.

It’s also possible that your dog might have ingested something that’s causing an adverse reaction unrelated to the vaccination. If you suspect your dog has eaten something harmful or toxic, please review our guide on My dog ate something it shouldn’t have! What should I do? for advice on how to handle such situations.

Preventing and Managing Post-Vaccine Discomfort

To minimize the risk of adverse reactions, it’s essential to keep your pet’s vaccinations up to date and follow your veterinarian’s recommendations for their general health. For cats, you can learn about recommended vaccinations here: What Vaccines do I Need for my Cat?.

Here are some things you can do to help your dog feel more comfortable after receiving a vaccination:

  1. Providing a comfortable and calm environment: Giving your dog a quiet and comfortable space to rest will help them recover from any post-vaccination discomfort.
  2. Provide fresh water and nutritious food: Keeping your dog hydrated and well-fed will ensure their body has the necessary resources to recover.
  3. Monitor your dog’s condition: Keep an eye on your dog for any unusual signs or worsening symptoms, and contact your veterinarian if you have concerns.
  4. Administer pain relief if recommended by your veterinarian: Your veterinarian may prescribe medication to manage any pain and discomfort your dog may be experiencing.

In conclusion, it’s crucial to monitor your dog’s condition closely following a vaccination. Do not hesitate to contact your veterinarian if you notice any unusual or concerning symptoms. Your dog’s health and well-being are always our top priority, so never hesitate to reach out to a professional for guidance.

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