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Why Is My Indoor Cat Pulling Out Hair and Experiencing Red Skin?


Dear VetBabble: Why Does My Indoor Cat Pull Out Her Hair and Have Red Skin?

Indoor cats, just like outdoor cats, can experience hair loss, red skin, and other skin issues. This situation may arise due to various reasons, such as fleas, allergies, or other underlying health problems. In this article, we will explore the possible causes of hair loss and red skin in indoor cats and discuss some suggestions for potential treatment. Let’s dive into the following sections:

1. Hair Loss in Cats: Common Causes and Treatment

There are several reasons why a cat might experience hair loss. One possible cause is allergies, which can result in the cat excessively licking, biting, or scratching its skin. Allergies in cats can be due to food, flea bites, or inhalants, such as pollen or dust. Allergic reactions may lead to redness, swelling, and itchiness on the skin.

Another reason behind hair loss in cats is an underlying medical condition. For instance, a hormonal imbalance or a fungal infection can cause hair loss. Consult your vet to rule out these possibilities or confirm a diagnosis.

Lastly, excessive grooming or overgrooming can also lead to hair loss. Overgrooming can be either a behavioral issue due to stress or an indicator of an underlying disease. It is essential to address the root cause of overgrooming to help your cat recover.

For detailed information, check out Hair Loss in Cats.

2. Could Fleas Be the Culprit?

Even if your cat is exclusively indoors, there is still a chance that fleas or other parasites might have found their way into your home. Fleas can enter your house through shoes, clothes, or other pets. If a cat has fleas, it is likely to experience itchiness, redness, and even hair loss. To treat fleas, you can use over-the-counter flea preventatives or consult your vet for appropriate flea treatment.

3. Other Skin Problems in Cats

Apart from hair loss, your cat’s red skin may result from other skin problems. Some of these problems include infections, mites, ringworm, and allergies. Getting a proper diagnosis is crucial, as different issues require varying treatments. Your vet may suggest antifungal medication, antibiotics, or anti-inflammatory treatment based on your cat’s specific condition. To learn more about skin issues that can affect your cat, read Skin Problems in Cats: Common Causes and Treatment.

What Can You Do About the Hair Loss and Red Skin?

If you notice your cat pulling out hair, overgrooming, or developing red skin, it’s essential to take immediate action to alleviate any discomfort. First, inspect your cat for any signs of fleas or other parasites and treat them immediately. Next, consult your vet to help identify the cause of the hair loss and red skin, as it could be due to allergies or a more severe medical condition. Your vet will recommend the best course of action, which might include a change in diet, medication, or topical treatments.

Additionally, it’s essential to keep an eye on your cat’s grooming habits. Excessive grooming could lead to hairballs, another issue many cat owners face. To learn more about dealing with hairballs and avoiding any potential difficulties, visit: Hairballs and Cats: What Should I Know?.


Indoor cats can also experience hair loss, red skin, and other skin issues. Fleas, allergies, and underlying medical conditions can all contribute to these problems. It is necessary to investigate the cause and seek appropriate treatment from your vet to ensure your cat’s health and comfort. Your cat’s well-being is your top priority; therefore, it’s crucial to address any concerns promptly and adequately.

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