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How to Stop a 9-Month-Old Golden Retriever from Jumping on People?


Dear VetBabble:

How Can I Train My 9-Month-Old Golden Retriever to Stop Jumping on People?

It’s great to see that you’re taking the time to address your young dog’s behavior! This is a common issue faced by many pet owners, especially with larger and more energetic breeds such as Golden Retrievers. In order to help your dog develop good manners and not jump on people, it’s best to attend a puppy class and follow some simple tips.

Puppy Socialization and Training Classes

Puppy classes are of utmost importance for socializing your dog with other young dogs and teaching them basic commands. By attending a class, both you and your dog will learn the skills necessary to manage this kind of undesirable behavior. Check out VetBabble’s article about Socializing Your Puppy for more detailed information on why these classes are so beneficial.

Ignoring the Jumping Behavior

One of the most effective ways to discourage your dog from jumping on people is to ignore their attempts to do so, as difficult as that may be. This method requires consistency and commitment from everyone in the family as well as any guests who interact with your dog. When the dog jumps up, simply turn around to get the dog off of you and avoid giving them any attention. Once the dog is calm and sitting, you may then pet and greet them. This technique sends a clear message to your dog that jumping up does not garner the desired attention, while sitting politely does. To further understand this concept and reinforce good behavior, you can read VetBabble’s article about No Free Lunches – Simple Tips for Good Behavior.

Teaching Alternative Behaviors

In addition to ignoring the undesired jumping behavior, you can also help your dog by teaching them alternative ways to greet people. Commands such as “sit” or “off” are excellent tools to redirect your dog’s energy and ultimately curb their inclination to jump on people. Another helpful resource for this is VetBabble’s article on How to Stop Your Dog Jumping on Guests. As your dog progresses in their training, you may also start working on various techniques to teach your Golden Retriever not to bark excessively. Excessive barking can be another attention-seeking behavior that, if not addressed, may cause disruption and annoyance. VetBabble provides a fantastic guide on Teaching Your Dog Not to Bark that you might find helpful. In conclusion, addressing your young Golden Retriever’s jumping behavior will require patience, consistency, and training. By attending a puppy class, ignoring this undesirable conduct, and teaching alternative behaviors, your dog will eventually learn to greet people in a more polite and acceptable manner. Good luck and happy training!

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