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How Can I Help My Pet Overcome Her Fear of The Dark?


Dear VetBabble:

My furry friend seems to be having a fear of the dark, and it’s causing her distress. Whenever I switch off the lights, she starts crying. Is there any way I can help her overcome this fear, and are there particular methods for teaching her not to be afraid of the dark?

Helping Your Dog Overcome Her Fear of the Dark

Dear Pet Parent,

First of all, it’s pretty normal for some dogs to feel stressed or anxious when in the dark. With the right approach, you can help your pet cope with this fear effectively. Keep in mind that this is a process that requires patience, but it is definitely achievable. Let’s delve into some techniques.

Using A Night Light

Initially, you might want to consider making use of a night light in the room where your dog sleeps. Similar to how some humans feel comfort with a nightlight, your fur baby might feel safer with this approach. The addition of a dim light can help reduce the anxiety your dog feels and make the darkness less intimidating. Even if you’re comfortable without one, remember that this is for your pet’s comfort.

Treating and Training

Another strategy is to integrate treats and training into teaching your dog that darkness is not frightening. When it’s dark, give your dog some treats. As she’s busy enjoying her snack, turn off the light briefly, then turn it back on and reward her with more treats. Gradually increase the time the room stays dark, varying the periods so it doesn’t feel predictable to her. Just like with any other training, it’s essential to take it slowly and build duration over time. Don’t expect a quick fix – patience is key.

You may find the article, Teaching Your Dog Not to Bark, useful as it provides some general training tips that could be applied in this situation.

Addressing Other Fears

It’s possible that your dog’s fear of the dark could be linked to other anxieties. Some dogs may have noise phobias, or may fear being alone which can intensify their unease in the dark. To help your furry friend adjust to darkness, it might be necessary to address these other underlying fears.

Remember, a new puppy might show signs of anxiety including during the night. It’s completely normal for them to feel a bit scared and alone sometimes. Be sure to check out our guide on what to expect during the first night with a new puppy to help both of you navigate this journey.

It’s also worth noting that some dogs suffer from separation anxiety, which can amplify their fears when they’re alone in the dark. If that’s the case with your fur friend, our article on dog separation anxiety might prove helpful in finding potential solutions.

With time, patience, and a few strategic changes, your dog can learn that the dark is no thing to fear. Good luck!

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