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What to Do About a Growing Lump on My Cat’s Nipple?


Dear VetBabble: What Should I Do About My Cat’s Growing Lump on Her Nipple?

Thank you for submitting your question regarding your cat Chanel’s growing lump. You mention that it is located on her bottom left nipple and has become more noticeable and bothersome to her. Let’s explore some common causes of lumps and bumps in cats, and discuss when you should be concerned and seek veterinary care.

Common Causes of Lumps and Bumps in Cats

There are several possible causes for lumps or bumps in cats, ranging from minor skin issues to more serious concerns. Some common causes of lumps in cats include:

While these conditions may be relatively common and treatable, it’s important to remember that lumps and bumps can sometimes signal more serious issues, such as cancer. In your cat’s case, since the lump is on her nipple, it’s possible that the issue might be related to a mammary mass or tumor. If your cat has not been spayed or was spayed later in life, this may be a higher possibility.

When to Be Concerned and Seek Veterinary Care

Given that the lump on Chanel’s nipple is growing and bothering her, it’s a good idea to consult with a veterinarian to determine the cause and appropriate treatment options. Lumps and Bumps: When to Worry discusses some signs that a lump might be more concerning, and your cat’s situation seems to fit some of these criteria.

Your veterinarian will likely perform a procedure known as a fine needle aspirate, using a small needle to collect a sample of cells from the lump for evaluation under the microscope. This diagnostic test can help identify the nature of the mass, such as if it’s cancerous or benign.

Next Steps and Treatment Options

If your cat’s lump is diagnosed as cancerous, the recommended course of action will be to have it removed. Even if the lump is found to be benign, it may still need removal if it continues to grow or cause discomfort for Chanel.

Reaching out to your veterinarian and scheduling an appointment is an important first step in addressing Chanel’s lump. They will be able to provide a definitive diagnosis and treatment plan tailored to her specific needs.

We hope this information proves helpful, and we wish Chanel a smooth recovery!

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