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Is My Dog’s Hard Stomach, Inactivity, & Bowel Trouble an Emergency Situation?


Dear VetBabble,

My dog isn’t eating or moving, and her stomach is as hard as a rock. She’s also having trouble with bowel movements. Is this an emergency, and what should I do in this situation?

Behavior Changes and Stomach Troubles: What Could This Mean for Your Pet?

When your furry companion experiences a change in their behavior and displays signs of distress, such as not eating or moving, it’s only natural for you to be concerned. This, coupled with a hard stomach and difficulty with bowel movements, might indicate a serious health problem that requires immediate attention. We will delve deeper into the possible causes of these symptoms and advise you on the steps you should take to help your beloved pet.

Potential Causes: From Diarrhea to Bloat

Changes in your dog’s behavior and stomach issues can be attributed to various factors. One possibility is diarrhea, which can leave your pet feeling unwell and potentially result in dehydration. To learn more about diarrhea in dogs and when you should be worried, check out this VetBabble article.

Another concern could be your pet’s inability to have a bowel movement, which may be the result of constipation. Cats can also suffer from constipation, so if you have a feline friend displaying similar symptoms, you can read about how to help your constipated cat.

A hard stomach may indicate a life-threatening condition called gastric torsion or bloat, also known as Gastric Dilatation Volvulus (GDV). It usually affects large and deep-chested dog breeds, but smaller dogs can still be at risk. To learn more about the warning signs of bloat, see our article on 5 Warning Signs of Bloat That Could Save Your Dog’s Life.

When to Visit Your Veterinarian

Based on the symptoms you’ve described, this situation sounds like an emergency. It’s important to take your pet to your local veterinarian without delay. The combination of not eating or moving, along with a hard stomach and difficulty having bowel movements, may signify a severe health problem that requires immediate attention and professional care.

Your veterinarian will examine your dog, ask you questions about their recent behavior, and may perform necessary tests to determine the root cause of their symptoms. Depending on the diagnosis, appropriate treatment and management strategies will be recommended to help your pet feel better and prevent complications arising from the underlying issue.

Prevention and Ongoing Care

Once your veterinarian has identified and addressed the immediate issue, it’s important to ensure your pet stays healthy in the future. Regular checkups and maintaining open communication with your veterinarian can help with this. Keep an eye on your pet’s behavior and note any changes that might indicate a recurrence or new health problem.

Monitoring your dog’s diet and exercise can also help with prevention. Ensure they are eating a balanced diet, maintain portion control, and provide them with regular exercise suited to their breed and abilities.

If your pet shows any signs of an emergent issue in the future, be sure to seek medical attention promptly – acting quickly can be the difference between a simple treatment and a life-threatening condition.

In summary, the symptoms you’ve described suggest that your pet may be experiencing a significant health problem. It’s important to take them to your veterinarian as soon as possible to determine the cause, provide necessary treatment, and discuss prevention and ongoing care.

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