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Why is My Dog Suddenly Shaking and Panting Uncontrollably: Causes and Concerns?


Dear VetBabble,

My dog has suddenly started shaking and panting uncontrollably. What could be the cause, and should I be worried? I want to know whether it’s urgent for me to visit the vet or if I can wait a bit.

Understanding Sudden Shaking and Panting in Dogs: Possible Causes, Treatments, and Precautions

Thank you for reaching out with your concern about your dog’s health! Shaking and panting can be distressing to witness, especially when the cause isn’t immediately clear. It’s essential to take any sudden behavioral change seriously, as it may indicate a potentially serious underlying issue. In this article, we will explore some possible reasons for sudden shaking and panting in dogs, and what you can do to help your furry friend.

1. Pain and Discomfort

One possible explanation for your dog’s sudden shaking and panting could be pain or discomfort. If your dog is experiencing pain, their body will likely release stress hormones that could lead to panting and shaking. Some common causes of pain in dogs include injury, illness, or age-related joint pain. If your dog is consistently shaking and panting, it is crucial to find out the cause by visiting your vet immediately.

2. Anxiety and Stress

Dogs can also exhibit shaking and panting as a response to anxiety or stress. If your dog has recently experienced a significant change in their environment or routine, they might be feeling anxious. For more information on dealing with anxiety in dogs, visit our helpful article on Dealing with Anxiety in Dogs.

3. Medical Conditions

Shaking and panting can also be indicative of certain medical conditions, such as seizures or poisoning. If your dog is experiencing uncontrollable shaking and panting, it’s essential to rule out any serious medical conditions as the cause. For more information about seizures and their potential triggers, check out our article on Seizures in Dogs.

If your dog has ingested something toxic, this could also cause shaking and panting. In case your dog ate something they shouldn’t have, it’s crucial to seek immediate veterinary attention to prevent any potential harm. Visit our article on What to do if your dog ate something it shouldn’t have for more guidance.

When to Visit the Vet

Generally, if your dog is shaking and panting uncontrollably, it’s a good idea to visit your veterinarian as soon as possible. As mentioned earlier, an urgent vet visit could help determine the cause of the shaking and panting and provide the necessary treatment.

If your dog’s condition worsens or is accompanied by other symptoms, do not wait to seek veterinary care. For instance, if your dog is also vomiting, read our article on Vomiting in Dogs: Causes, Treatment & When to Worry to get an insight into potential causes and learn which situations warrant an immediate visit to the vet.


In conclusion, while several factors could result in shaking and panting in dogs, it’s essential to treat your dog’s sudden behavioral change as a potentially serious issue. Seek veterinary care to identify the cause and get appropriate treatment for your pet. Remember, it’s always better to be safe and have peace of mind when it comes to your fur baby’s health.

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