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What to Do If Your Dog Stops Eating but Still Remains Playful?


Dear VetBabble: Understanding Why Your Dog Might Not Be Eating

Question: “My lovely canine companion does not seem interested in her food anymore, yet she is still quite playful. Her belly also feels warmer than usual. Should I start worrying if she doesn’t eat for just one meal and what steps should I take if she remains disinterested in food for more than a day?”

Understanding Your Dog’s Appetite

The first thing to understand is that just like humans, dogs can have off days too. They may skip a meal or two without it being a cause for immediate concern, especially if they are still active and playful. On our info page, we’ve compiled insightful information to help you explore various reasons why dogs sometimes refuse to eat. Sometimes, it can be due to a change in the environment, stress, or simply because they don’t find the food appealing enough.

Observing Your Dog’s Behavior and Thermoregulation

When you notice that your dog’s belly is warmer than usual, it could be due to various factors. Sometimes it can be because of a fever, which is often an indication of an underlying infection or inflammation. On other occasions, it could be due to normal thermoregulation, and their belly may feel warmer than their other body parts. However, if your furry friend is still active, playful and doesn’t exhibit symptoms of being unwell, such as lethargy, which you could read more about on our puppy behavior guide, then there’s likely no immediate need for concern.

When to Seek Professional Help

If you observe that your dog has consistently been skipping meals for over 24 hours, especially if this is accompanied by other symptoms, such as vomiting, diarrhea, dramatic weight loss, or lethargy, then it would be a great idea to seek the advice of your vet immediately. Our guide on Diarrhea in Dogs provides a good rundown of scenarios when doggy diarrhea warrants a more urgent response.

Additionally, if your pooch is suffering from a noticeable loss of weight, we have some handy tips for dog weight loss that will not only help you understand the reasons behind the weight loss but also provide simple techniques to help your beloved pet regain a healthy weight.

In summary, while dogs may skip meals occasionally without it being a cause for alarm, always be vigilant for additional signs of illness. Consulting your vet whenever you’re unsure can help ensure your dog’s health and wellbeing. After all, they’re not just pets, they’re a part of our family.

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