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What Should I Do if My Dog’s Eyes Are Red and Tearful?


Dear VetBabble: What To Do When Your Dog’s Eyes Appear Red and Tearful?

It’s always disconcerting when our furry friends appear to be in discomfort or experiencing some sort of ailment. A VetBabble reader recently posed a common concern: “My dog’s eye is looking red, has some white stuff, and is tearing up. What should I do? Could it be an eye infection?” Furthermore, the reader stressed an eagerness to provide treatment as quickly as possible, precisely because eyes are a sensitive area and further complications may arise if a dog starts scratching at its eye.

Understanding Your Pet’s Eye Condition

First and foremost, the concern for your pet’s wellbeing is absolutely justified. Eye issues in dogs are not unheard of and, as in the case of our reader’s dog, the symptoms often include redness, a discharge that resembles a white substance, and tearing up. It’s indeed quite possible that your pet could have an eye infection or another one of the common eye conditions in dogs.

Eyes are delicate and vital organs, and caring for your pet’s eyes should be a priority. Prompt and proper care can make a huge difference in preventing worsening of the condition or onset of more severe vision-related problems. Therefore, when you observe any changes in your dog’s eyes or behavior relating to vision, consulting with your vet is always the best course of action.

Addressing the Eye Problem and Beyond

If an eye infection is indeed at the root of the problem, it can generally be easily treated once diagnosed by a professional. However, it is also crucial to consider what may have led to this condition. In fact, the symptoms your dog is exhibiting could be due to other underlying health issues. For example, allergies can often lead to eye irritation in dogs. If this is the case, it’s important to identify the allergen and take necessary measures to minimize exposure.

Furthermore, it’s not uncommon for dogs to develop ear infections, which may end up causing further discomfort and might also lead to your pupper scratching their eyes. Due to the alignment of the ear canals and eyes, these conditions often coexist. Regular ear check-ups can help prevent these problems in the future.

Providing At-Home Care to Your Dog

While seeking professional medical advice is indispensable, there are also measures you can take at home to soothe your dog’s discomfort and prevent further complications. With a gentle hand, a cloth and warm water, you can clean the dog’s eye area daily. Avoid using any strong soaps or chemicals that might worsen the condition, and refrain from permitting your dog to scratch its eyes. The use of an Elizabethan collar (or E-collar) may be required to prevent this.

Moreover, recurring injuries or wounds can sometimes attribute to eye problems. Indeed, if your pet has a minor wound, it’s essential to know how to treat it at home to minimize the risk of infection. This article provides helpful tips on how to treat your dog’s wounds at home.

In conclusion, your pet’s eye health should never be taken lightly, and immediate attention and proactive care are essential. If you notice any unusual symptoms or changes in your pet’s eyes, please consult with your vet promptly.

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