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What Should I Do About Unidentified Inflamed Lumps on My Pet?


Dear VetBabble: Undiagnosed Inflamed Lumps in My Pet – What Should I Do?

Question: I recently noticed something alarming with my pet. She has two inflamed areas on her breast that appear to be hard, red, and purple bubble-like warts. When these are pressed, either blood or milk comes out. I’m unsure if she may be pregnant or simply having a false pregnancy. There’s also a possibility that this could be an infection. Could you offer some advice on what should our next step be?

Identifying Unfamiliar Lumps and Bumps

Any strange lumps, bumps, or growths on our pets can be a worrisome source of stress for pet owners. The sudden appearance of inflamed areas on your pet’s breast could indicate various conditions. Without a professional examination, it’s difficult to provide an accurate diagnosis. I would strongly recommend visiting your local vet, who will have a better insight on the matter.

In certain cases, inflamed bumps might be a sign of something more serious. Find key information on identifying potential warning signs in our article about lumps and bumps on pets.

Possibilities of Pregnancy or False Pregnancy in Pets

The presence of milk could suggest that your pet is pregnant, given that an increase in hormone levels can stimulate mammary glands to produce milk. However, it’s also possible for dogs and cats to go through a phenomenon known as a ‘false pregnancy,’ where they exhibit pregnancy-type symptoms without actually being pregnant. An ultrasound or physical examination conducted by professionals can determine whether your pet is pregnant or experiencing a pseudo-pregnancy.

Are you curious about pet pregnancies? Our guide on canine pregnancies explains more about this interesting aspect of your pet’s life.

Ruling Out Possible Infections

If pregnancy or false pregnancy is not the case, your pet might be dealing with an infection. The redness, hardness, and inflammation of the lumps could be signs of an abscess, which is a localized infection caused by bacteria. Often this can be seen in pets that have had a recent altercation with another animal, resulting in a bite wound. Merely pressing these abscesses could lead to a painful reaction in your pet and possibly exacerbate the situation.

Take a look at our in-depth look into cat bite abscesses for a better understanding of how these infections occur and the ideal ways to respond.

An appearance of blood could potentially signify a urinary tract infection, such as cystitis in dogs. While this might not be directly related to the inflamed breasts, it’s always beneficial to be informed about the diverse health issues your pet could face. For more information, refer to our article on the potential causes of blood in your pet’s urine.

In conclusion, whenever you notice an alarming change in your pet’s physical condition, it’s always wise to reach out to a trusted veterinarian. They will guide you towards ensuring a long, happy, and healthy life for your beloved companion.

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