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Is My Constantly Scratching Dog Possibly Suffering from Mange?


Dear VetBabble: My Dog Won’t Stop Scratching – Could It Be Mange?

Like many other concerned pet owners, you’ve noticed your dog scratching excessively and you’re starting to wonder if it could be something serious, like mange. Is it crucial to bring your pet to the vet for a diagnosis?

Yes, indeed. It is highly advisable to consult with your vet when your dog is experiencing discomfort like this. While your first suspicion might be mange, there could be other causes like ringworm, fleas, or even allergies that are just as common. So, let’s delve a little deeper into the possible reasons behind this itchiness.

1. The Possibility of Mange

When your pet is continuously scratching, mange does become one of the concerns. Mange is a skin disease caused by tiny parasites called mites. These micro-monsters can cause sheer discomfort and excessive itching in our beloved pets. But how can you tell if your dog is suffering from mange or if it’s something else? This in-depth look at mange in dogs should help you identify some key signs and symptoms.

2. Other Common Culprits: Fleas and Ringworm

Let’s not jump to conclusions before ruling out other potential culprits. Fleas, for instance, are a very common cause of scratching in pets. Just because you may not see these tiny invaders doesn’t mean they are not causing the itch. In fact, contrary to popular belief, your dog might still have fleas even if you never see them. An infestation can remain hidden yet cause extreme discomfort.

Ringworm, on the other hand, is another common skin affliction in dogs, characterized by circular patches of hair loss. It can prove itchy enough to keep your pet scratching incessantly and should definitely be considered among the possibilities.

3. Considering Other Causes: Allergies & Underlying Health Conditions

Often overlooked, your pet’s continuous scratching could also be the result of an allergic reaction. Allergies in dogs can surface due to various triggers and manifest through skin irritations, among other signs. The many facets of dog allergies are discussed here, offering you an understanding of what might be bothering your pet.

Beyond these, your pet’s itchiness could also be attributed to a plethora of other underlying health conditions. Hence, it is always a wise move to consult with your vet when your pet appears uncomfortable or displays a change in behavior.

In closing, your concern as a pet owner is entirely understandable, and it’s essential to stay informed. However, a thorough veterinary consultation is unavoidable to conclusively diagnose what is causing your pet’s incessant scratching. Remember, a timely visit to the vet not only ensures peace of mind for you but also a quicker route to relief for your furry friend.

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