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How Can I Comfort My Dog at Home After She’s Been Bitten by Our Other Dog?


Dear VetBabble: Caring for my Dog who has Been Bitten by our Other Dog. Help!

“Dear VetBabble, my dog was just bitten by our other one and she’s in pain. I am planning to take her to the vet, but what could I do to help her cope with her pain? Should I let the vet give her something as most things we have at home could potentially be toxic or interfere with what’s the vet is able to prescribe? Can I apply a cold compress to reduce swelling?”

Understanding and Responding to Dog Bites

When two of our furry friends end up hurting each other, it’s not just them who feel pain; we pet owners feel it too. Whether it’s a bite, a scratch, or a fight, these situations can be stressful. And while it’s paramount to consult a veterinarian in such instances, there are potential first steps you can take at home to alleviate your pet’s discomfort.

Applying a cold compress can help alleviate swelling in the short term. However, one should ensure that the wound is clean to prevent further complications. For tips on safely treating minor dog wounds at home, visit our article on How to Treat your Dog’s Wounds at Home.

Interactions of Human and Pet Medication

It’s important to know that while our concern for our pet’s discomfort is understandable, giving them human medication is not advised. Human-grade pain relievers can have more damaging effects, as some could be toxic and others may interfere with medicines the vet could prescribe. So as much as we understand your apprehension, we strongly recommend against administering pain relief without professional consultation. Our article on what to do when your dog ingests something it shouldn’t goes into more detail on this.

The Importance of Veterinary Consultation and Basic First Aid Knowledge

While these initial steps can be helpful, it is still perfectly essential to take your pet to the vet. It is every pet owner’s responsibility to provide the best possible care, which is why knowing some Basic First Aid for Dogs will come in handy during emergencies. Our comprehensive article here can shed light on this importance.

Lastly, we also need to consider the possibility of allergies exacerbating the situation. Dogs, like humans, can develop allergies which can complicate wound healing. Don’t forget to check our detailed guide here to gain a better understanding of Dog Allergies.

Remember, when dealing with wounds or any health concern regarding your pets, immediate and absolute consultation with your vet is crucial. Only healthcare professionals can provide the appropriate medication and accurate diagnosis for your pet’s condition.

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