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What Could Be the Cause of a Small Hole in My Shih Tzu’s Back?


Dear VetBabble: What could be causing a small hole in the back of my Shih Tzu?

In response to your question about the small hole in the back of your Shih Tzu, I understand how overwhelming it can be when our furry friends show signs of discomfort. This can bring up questions for many pet owners, from what could have caused it to how it can be appropriately treated. It’s worth noting that such issues can arise from a range of different possibilities. Let’s dive into the details.

Possible Causes

The source of your Shih Tzu’s discomfort could sound mysterious, but often such skin issues can stem from anything ranging from physical trauma to more hidden issues like skin conditions or even parasites. Without precise examination, it could be challenging to pinpoint the exact cause. Your dog might have gotten caught on something sharp, or perhaps it’s actually a bite wound from another dog. Sometimes, quite surprisingly, it could even be a bot fly larvae. Concerning the latter, we have a useful article on how to identify if your dog might be suffering from some common skin issues caused by parasites, such as Mange.

Signs of Other Issues

Though it might seem like a lone issue, a hole or wound on a dog’s skin could potentially hint at other larger underlying concerns. For example, if the small hole on your Shih Tzu’s back accompanies other symptoms such as hair loss, this could represent an underlying allergy or another health condition. We have an informative piece titled Alopecia, allergies and other causes hair loss in dogs that delves into the causes of hair loss in dogs and how to manage it.

In addition, it’s important to keep an eye on other symptoms, such as the presence of lumps and bumps on their body. While not all lumps and bumps are alarming, some can be signs of more serious issues. Visit this page for more information on when such lumps and bumps should be a cause for worry.

Immediate & Ongoing Care

Once you notice any worrying signs on your pet’s skin, it’s prudent to initiate immediate and correct response. You’ve definitely taken the right first step by cleaning the wound and preventing further harm. A sound approach to managing small wounds at home is detailed in our guide outlining how to treat your dog’s wounds at home.

What’s most significant to remember is the importance of taking your pet for regular veterinary checks. In our professional capacity, we can have a much firmer understanding of the cause and appropriate treatment of the symptoms, to ensure your furry friend stays healthy and happy.

Remember, the health of your dog is paramount, and their welfare comes first. Don’t hesitate to seek professional help if the wound worsens or if you notice other concerning signs.

I hope this information has proven valuable and enlightens you about the possible causes of and responses to your Shih Tzu’s situation. Your loving and caring attitude towards your pet shines through in your question, and it’s that warmth and concern that will ensure the best life possible for your four-legged friend.

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